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Internet site of the CSA was conceived and carried out in order to as well as possible fulfill the requirements of reference frame WCAG2.0 of the W3C, to give access of the pages to the people in situation of handicap and to ensure compatibility with the various tools of assistance and the means of navigation (vocal reader, beach Braille, navigation without mouse…).

In spite of all the precautions taken, and being given the number of contributors to the food of the site like its dynamic character, it is however inopportunely possible that certain elements can be degraded or are not accessible. In the event of observation of a defect of such a nature, do not hesitate with us to announce it while writing to the CSA. We will then endeavour to make a correction as soon as possible, if it is technically possible.  


You can also consult the action of the CSA as regards accessibility of the programs to television :

The accessibility of the programs

Technical principles of the subtitling of the programs

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