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Agreement on the text of new directive SMA: a decisive projection for the audio-visual regulation in Europe

Official statement of the Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Superior council of audio-visual greets the agreement found by the European institutions concerning the revision of the directive Service of audio-visual mediums (SMA), which makes it possible to modernize the legal framework of the European audio-visual sector by ensuring a better balance between the competitiveness of its actors and the protection of the public ones.

The CSA is particularly delighted to see that the new directive reinforces the relevance and the effectiveness of the regulation by reducing lawful asymmetries between the various types of actors.

In this respect, it very favorably accommodates the extension of the field of application of the directive to the platforms of division of videos, the social networks and the platforms of live diffusion on Internet. It with satisfaction raises the installation of rules of protection of the minors, of fight against the speeches of hatred and incentive to violence and fight against the apology for terrorism for these new actors. Other advanced, harmonization of the rules of protection of public between the linear services and services of audio-visual mediums to request (SMAD).

He also greets the reinforcement of the ambition as regards cultural diversity, which it is the increase in the minimal share in European works in the catalogue in the SMAD or the application in the rules in the country targeted for the financial contributions with the production in European works.

The CSA, with in the chair Olivier Schrameck, has work upstream with the evolution of the European framework, in particular through the network of the European regulators of audio-visual, the ERGA. Created by 2014, its mission is in particular to make a contribution coordinated and operational to the Commission on subjects as decisive as the convergence of the services of media to the era of digital, the protection of public, freedom of expression and pluralism, or the assertion of the independence of the regulatory authorities.

For this reason, the Council is pleased that the role of the ERGA, like the independence of the regulators, were devoted in the new directive.

The CSA will prolong his action by facilitating the taking part but implementation of the future directive through the presidency of the sub-group of the ERGA charged to accompany the national regulators in the deployment by their new competences, also in the debate engaged at the national level on the future of the audio-visual one.

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