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Requests for passage in DVB free: the CSA renders his decisions and publishes his justified decisions

Official statement of the Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Superior council of audio-visual was received three requests for chains of the DVB paying tending to modify their methods of financing, on the base of article 42-3 of the law of September 30th, 1986. This article, as modified by the law of November 15th, 2013, makes it possible to the CSA to authorize the passage of a mode paying with the exemption from payment or the reverse.

It is about:

  • LCI (group TF1); 
  • Paris Première (M6 group); 
  • Planète+ (Channel group more).

Joined together on Tuesday, July 29, 2014, the Council examined each one of these three requests and decided by three votes in the majority not to book a favorable continuation to them.

I - the law allowing the passage into free of a chain subordinates the approval of the Council to several conditions: the respect of the fundamental requirement of pluralism, the taking into account of the advertising market market equilibrium and the promotion of the quality and the diversity of the programs. For this reason, the Council must make sure of a sufficient diversity of the operators.

The Council thus appreciated the consequences of the requests, examined as such and as a whole, taking into consideration their competing and leading effect. It also attempted to evaluate their economic effects on the whole of the audio-visual actors, in particular with the glance as of capacities of advertising resource sharing. 

The Council in particular was based on the economic elements of appreciation following:

  • the economic situation of the advertising market; 
  • the financial situation of the existing chains of the DVB free; 
  • the supply and the consumer demand of television.

1. The economic situation of the advertising market is characterized by a marked fall of the advertising revenues of the television services. The Council noted that no significant resumption of the market is provided shortly and that the medium-term prospects remain still dubious. It estimated that the arrival of one or more additional free channels could not today be carried by a growth of the advertising market.

2. The financial situation of several free channels is still fragile, in particular those which are not leaned with a great group. In addition, the chains in high definition authorized in 2012 are in phase of growth and did not reach yet their maturity and their economic equilibrium.

3. The supply and the consumer demand of television. The CSA considers that the arrival of one or more additional free chains, in a landscape already composed of 25 chains constituting a broad range, should not result in a significant increase in the use of television and would be thus likely to involve phenomena of transfer of audience to the detriment of the existing free chains. It raised, in this respect, that the total duration of the consumption of television stagnates without it being possible to envisage an inversion of this medium-term trend.

II - Beyond these general considerations, the Council analyzed, for each request, their consequences foreseeable. It appeared to him that in spite of their interest and their quality, all were likely to cause difficulties and imbalances, bearing reached with the safeguarding of the leading diversity of the chains currently diffusing on the DVB free.

  • As regards the request for LCI, the Council raised that the arrival of a third free channel of information uninterrupted financed exclusively by publicity, could destabilize the two already existing chains of information, of which one arrived recently at balance and the second knows an operating deficit;
  • As regards the request for Paris Première, the Council estimated that this one would be suitable for affect the economic and financial viability of chains of the DVB free offering a format and addressing itself to an audience presenting of the analogies;
  • As regards Planète+, the Council estimated that the documentary arrival of one second chain appeared premature while at the same time that which started to diffuse its programs in 2012 financial balance did not reach yet.

For the whole of these reasons, the Council estimates that the conditions are not, with the date on which he decides, joined together to authorize the passage into free applicants. On the other hand, a more favorable evolution of the conditions of market could justify a re-examination in the future. The Council will be, for this purpose, attentive with the technical requirements and financial of distribution which will be proposed to the existing operators.

* * *

These decisions intervene at the conclusion of a process of thorough instruction carried out by the Council, which carried out the public hearing of the applicants and understood the every thirds which made the request of it. The Council also collected the opinion of the Authority of competition.

The Council established, prior to its decisions simultaneously published, of the impact studies which will be made public tomorrow, since the requirement of the protection of the professional secrecy will have been the object of a checking near the three applicants.


Contacts presses : Frédérique Bayre/Laëtitia Bréchemier/Lucile Mahé of the Doors
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