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Festival Series Mania de Lille: Nicolas Curien intervenes on the copyright and cultural diversity at the time of global market

Official statement of the Thursday, May 3, 2018

One week after the agreement on the text of new directive SMA (services of the audio-visual mediums) bearing on the audio-visual regulation in Europe, Nicolas Curien was reached this day with the round table “Copyright and cultural diversity at the time of global market” organized by the SACD (Company of the Authors and dramatic Composers) within the framework Festival Series Mania de Lille.

“The projections of this directive are decisive for creation and the authors, that which greeted currently chairs the CSA, with in particular, the increase in the minimal share of European works in the catalogue of the SMAD (services of audio-visual media to the request) and the application of the rules of the country targeted for the financial contributions to the production of European works for the SMAD as for the linear services”.

Questioned on the chronology of the media, he emphasized the need to include the actors of digital in this device and to soften the constraints which weigh on the traditional actors. “A balance must be found, he insisted, in a more total discussion on the whole of obligations (prohibited sectors, days, etc)”.

To conclude, Nicolas Curien evoked by smiling the future of creation: “The next debate of importance for the authors it is probably when the spectators and the users become joint authors and co-producers of works, using tools, such virtual reality and the artificial intelligence. »

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