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European days of Obesity: the CSA mobilized for the protection of health

Official statement of the Thursday, May 17, 2018

The next on May 18th and 19th, the Superior council of audio-visual will be again fully engaged at the sides of the National collective of Associations the Obese ones (CNAO) at the time of the 9th edition of the European Days of Obesity. The topic this year east “Dare, eat, move for your health”.

En 2017, sous l’impulsion du CSA, les chaînes de télévision et de radios ont massivement apporté leur soutien aux actions du CNAO. In 2018, the implication of all continues and the CSA, by the action of the advisor Mémona Hintermann-Afféjee, president of the working group “social Cohesion”, works with an increased mobilization of the audio-visual media.
L’engagement des chaînes et des annonceurs à promouvoir une alimentation et une activité physique favorables à la santé dans les programmes et les publicités est prévu dans la Charte alimentaire du CSA depuis sa signature en 2009.

This year, following the 9th workshop of the States General of the food, the CSA decided to make evolve his Charter. It thus carries out auditions* in order to consider, on the one hand, the extension of the perimeter of a food Charter to a Charter health, and on the other hand, widening with new signatories like consumers' associations and of patients, the radios and the actors of the digital one. Lastly, other initiatives are planned to reinforce the Charter, in particular messages intended for young people and of the publicity campaigns of the draftings to these problems.

Un bilan de l’application de la Charte alimentaire pour l’année 2017 détaillant les perspectives d’évolution sera publié par le CSA prochainement.

* Since January 15th, 2018, were auditioned: Public health France; le SPFA ; Dominique Voynet, president of the 9th workshop of the General states of the food; Daniel Nizri, representative of the National council of the food; the ministry for the Sports; the CNOSF; the ministry for Solidarity and health; Head office of health; l’ANIA ; the ARPP; l’AACC ; the SNPTV; the SIRTI; UFC Que choisir ; the CLCV, the ministry for Agriculture and the Food; la SACD ; the SPFA; the UDA; radio stations and of television.


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