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Karine Tuil and Joann Sfar sponsor the 4th Day of the French language in the audio-visual mediums

Official statement of the Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March 20th, 2018 place the 4th edition of the Day of the French language in audio-visual mediums (#JLFMA18) will take, on the initiative of the Superior council of the audio-visual one. Registered within the framework of the Week of the French language and the Francophonie, which takes place from March 17th to March 25th, this day aims at putting the French language at the honor on the TV channels and the radios.

The CSA indeed has the role of taking care “of the defense and illustration of the French language”, according to article 3-1 of the law of September 30th, 1986. He sticks thus since 2015, in partnership with the General delegation with the French language and the languages of France of the ministry for the Culture and the Communication, the French Academy and the International organization of the Francophonie, to reinforce and promote the use and the respect of French in the audio-visual mediums.

This year, at the request of Mémona Hintermann-Afféjee, member of the CSA and president of the Karine Tuil, working group social Cohesion and Joann Sfar agreed to sponsor the Day of the French language in the audio-visual media. The novelist and the strip cartoonist and of novels share the same love of the language and the same conscience of the social role and cultural which she plays. “ At home there were few books, but I understood very early that the language would be in the middle of our lives like a link ”, explained today Karine Tuil at the time of the presentation at the CSA of the day of March 20th, stressing that it took again on its account the formula of Albert Camus, “ the French language is my fatherland ”. For Joann Sfar, who remembers to have started to like the French language with the Fables of the Fountain, this one, alive and multiple, is also social cement.

Mémona Hintermann-Afféjee, Karine Tuil and Joann Sfar will be available to promote the Day of the French language in the audio-visual mediums and to answer the media requests. Thank you to address to you to on this subject.


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