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Bay-trees of the radio and television: a new price Public CSA-Young person

Official statement of the Monday, February 12, 2018

The Superior council of audio-visual wished to join the Bay-trees of the radio and television. This ceremony, whose XXIIIème edition takes place this evening, distinguishes the best programs from the year past on the radio stations and television.

It will give a Price Public CSA-Young person thus, extremely of his experiment and values which it promotes in his missions of protection of the young public. Regularly solicited by the parents and teachers in his role of watchtower of the audiovisual programmes, it is naturally attached so that are distinguished from the programs particularly adapted to the minors.

Since many years, the CSA endeavours to protect the young public through concrete actions:

  • information general public campaigns on the descriptive youth and the use of the screens at young people (countryside “No screen before three years”);
  • a committee of experts which was recently renewed with the creation of various workshops (fight against the suitable contents/video games/offer for youth/consumption of the screens/artificial intelligence, algorithms and platforms);
  • several deliberations, including that of 2011 relating to the protection of the young public on the SMAD (Services of media to the request), that of 2007 relating to the intervention of minors within the framework of TV programs or the recommendation of 2006 on the presentation made on television of video games.

Many operations are also conducted specifically near the young public within the framework of education to the media (Key site of audio-visual, participation in the Week of the press and the media in the school, etc)

Olivier Schrameck, president of the CSA, and Carole Bienaimé-Besse, advisor in charge of the questions of protection of the young public, will be present this evening at the theatre of the De luxe hotel.


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