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The CSA, first labellized administration “professional Equality”

Official statement of the Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The CSA, already holder since 2012 of the label Diversity, have just obtained the label professional Equality.

The label professional Equality is allotted to the companies, associations or administrations which develop in their centre the professional equality between the women and the men. It is delivered by AFNOR taking into consideration several criterion relating to the actions conducted in favour of the professional equality, to the human stock management and management, like with the accompaniment of the parenting within the professional framework.

Since 2005, creation date of the label, the CSA is the first administration of the State to obtain it.

The Council has indeed in heart to create a work environment favorable to all and all whereas its 300 agents exert each day of many missions for a audio-visual best offer with the service of the citizens among whom:

  • the attribution and the distribution of the frequencies radios and televisions on the whole of the territory;
  • the protection of the public and its rights, in particular of young people and the most stripped in a preoccupation with a representation of the whole of the citizens;
  • the pluralism and the independence of the media;
  • the appreciation of the contractual relations and commercial of the actors of the sector for a better economic regulation.

The will to act in favour of the professional equality between the women and the men is also registered in the forefront of the missions of the CSA, which takes care of the respect of the women's rights in the programs diffused by the radios and televisions.

Contact presses : 01 40 58 36 29