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Failures with honesty, the rigour of information and the diversity from the points of view: formal notice of RT France

Official statement of the Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Superior council of audio-visual, joined together in plenary session on June 28th, 2018, decided to put in residence chain RT France for failures at honesty, the rigour of information and the diversity from the points of view in the tv news of April 13th, 2018 of 11:00, primarily devoted to the situation in Syria.

This decision makes following an instruction having caused a contradictory procedure with RT France.

During this newspaper was diffused a subject entitled “ simulated Attacks ” disputing the reality of the attacks to the chemical weapon in the Syrian area of Ghouta Eastern and allotting to the group “Jaysh al Islam” the initiative of a production of the effects of the attacks on the population.

The CSA observed that the oral translation of the remarks made by a Syrian witness corresponded of nothing so that it expressed with the antenna. The Council also noted, as regards another testimony, that the oral translation allotted the order given to the local population to simulate the effects of an attack to the chemical weapon with the group “Jaysh al Islam”, whereas testimony did not indicate any organization in particular.

The CSA finally noted that the whole of the diffused elements dealing with the situation in Syria revealed an imbalance marked in the analysis, without, on such a significant subject, the various points of view being exposed.


Consult the decision n°2018-493 of June 28th, 2018 putting in residence company RT France

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