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Observatory of the audio-visual equipment of the hearths 2017: privileged television sets and the voted by plebiscite radio

Official statement of the Tuesday, May 22, 2018

At the second half-year 2017, the Observatory of the audio-visual equipment of the hearths* confirms the trends of the last years in terms of equipment of reception of television. The radio, as for it, Usually takes rise thanks to the deployment of technology +. As regards the radio, 99.6% of probed hold a support making it possible to listen to the radio.

Among the striking facts of this second half-year concerning television, one notes that:

  • for the first time, the reception by Internet of television joined the terrestrial hertzian reception with 55% of penetration rate in the hearths (4th quarter 2017);
  • the television set remains the most widespread screen in the hearths with a rate of stable equipment around 94%. It is today current to associate the television set with one or more alternate screens like the computer (86% of hearths equipped), the smartphone (78% 15 years and more) or the shelf (48% of hearths equipped);
  • the suitable for connection television set equips more than 65% with the hearths, whose near total is connected to Internet. The decoder of the Internet access providers is the most widespread mode of connection;
  • the DVB is the single mode of reception for 24% of the hearths. More half of the hearths uses it in two-third of the areas. The modernization of the platform of the DVB, undertaken under the aegis of SCUMS, aims at consolidating its central position. Moreover, the exemption from payment makes of it the mode of reception privileged for the slave station.

The CSA decided at the end of 2017 to usually give a new impetus to the radio by the development of technology +, support of the terrestrial digital radio (RNT). In 2018 and 2019, parallel to a metropolitan call for candidate, calls for candidate will be gradually launched in the 30 not yet covered most important basins of life.

*L' Observatory of the audio-visual equipment of the hearths, created on the initiative and under the aegis of Superior council of audio-visual, associates the Head office of the companies, the Head office of the media and of culture industries and the National agency of the frequencies and is based on abundant data by Médiamétrie. The perimeter of the studies of the Observatory takes account of the big changes and the new challenges of the audio-visual sector. The figures 2017 for television relate to the second half-year and for the radio, the complete year.

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