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Takeover of NextRadioTV by SFR: approval of the CSA and new commitments in favour of diversity

Official statement of the Friday, April 20, 2018

The Superior council of audio-visual approved this day the exclusive takeover by group SFR of the company Groups News Participations, majority shareholder of the NextRadioTV group.

This approval of modification of control will result in endorsements with conventions of the services of NextRadioTV. Those will take account of the change of distribution of the capital and the new commitments in favour of the diversity taken by SFR for the chain Number 23.

Within the framework of the examination procedure of this application, the CSA published, on March 9th, the impact study relative to this operation.

The Council made up its mind at the conclusion of a procedure respecting the contradictory one during which he publicly auditioned the applicants as well as the thirds interested, and taken into account the written contributions.