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Press conference of 4 Seasons launching of the female Sport - edition 2017

Conference of the Monday, February 6, 2017

The press conference of launching of the 4 Season old second edition of the female Sport took place this Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 11:00 with the seat of the Council.

The 4 Seasons of the female Sport is an operation broken up into four strong times, initiated by Nathalie Sonnac, member of the Council in charge of the working group “Economy, Competition and Sport”, and organized in synergy with the ministry for Childhood, the Families and the women's rights, the ministry for the City, of Youth and the Sports, the CSA and the Olympic and sporting Committee national French (CNOSF), to put the female sporting practice at the honor and to anchor the female sport in the uses.

Were present at the time of this press conference: 

  • Olivier Schrameck, president of the CSA,
  • Nathalie Sonnac, member of the Council and president of the working group “Economy, Competition and Sport”,
  • Laurence Rossignol, Minister for the Families, the Childhood and the Women's rights
  • Thierry Braillard, Secretary of State to the Sports
  • Denis Masseglia, president of the Olympic and sporting National committee French

The two godfathers of the first season Gwladys Epangue, Olympic bronze medal-holder and double champion of the world of taekwondo and Souleymane Cissokho, Olympic bronze medal of boxing, were also present.



To find all information and the communications tools on the operation, consult the 4 season old page of the female sport