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Speech of Olivier Schrameck at the time of the 19th plenary assembly of the Network of the Mediterranean authorities of regulation

Publication date: Thursday, November 16, 2017

19th plenary assembly of the Network of the Mediterranean authorities of regulation (RIRM), in Marseilles November 16th and 17th, 2017 

Speech of the President of the network, Olivier Schrameck

Mister the Mayor,

Mr. President,

Ladies and gentlemen Presidents and Presidents of the Mediterranean authorities of regulation,

Dear colleagues,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I address my very sharp and cordial thanks with president Guinart for his strong and rassembleuses words and I greet, on our collective behalf, the action which it led in charge of the Network of the Mediterranean authorities of regulation during the year 2016.

Dear President Guinart, initially, you preceded, in the capacity as vice-president, the new charter of the RIRM and, as president, accompanied it to you in his application. A new impetus is thus given to our common work, whose French CSA and the HACA of Morocco assure the executive secretariat together. Then, vis-a-vis the tragic migratory destinies which all concern us in the Mediterranean, you allowed the adoption of a declaration reminding the audio-visual mediums their responsibility to inform of them the citizens with honesty and dignity; we will draw from it in a few moment a first assessment. Lastly, you played a driving role, at the sides of our Moroccan, Serb and Catalan colleagues, in charge of the working group “Kind and media”. This group, which joined together the sensitivities resulting from our Slavic, Latin and Arab cultures around the crucial requirement of respect of the rights and promotion of the equality, is in my eyes one of more great successes of our Network. We will also have the opportunity there of returning today and of prolonging our reflections.

 You see it, dear President Guinart, it is a rich person and invaluable pilot that I receive with your hands and, to carry it in my turn, I am very happy, in the name of the Superior council of audio-visual, to accommodate you in Marseilles for this 19th assembly of the RIRM in the presence of his mayor and chair Metropolis, Monsieur Jean-Claude Gaudin, to whom always bound me feelings of cordial cordiality.


Mister the Mayor, I address my thanks to you sharpest and grateful for your so generous and friendly reception in Marseilles, “ France carries ” said Lamartine, carries opening on so many civilisations which make the wealth and the honor of our humanity. Marseilles, pillar of Mediterranean Europe, and which remain, from one bank to another of the mare nostrum, a headlight for the people, a city open to the coexistence of the plurality of the cultures and origins. Who better than you, after Gaston Defferre who initiated me with the public life will have been able to illustrate it. No other city could thus better incarnate this year of French presidency of the RIRM.

I also thank you, dear colleagues, representing and representatives of the authorities, which answered our invitation. We with pleasure find some among you, after several years of absence, and it is with friendship that I also think of those and those which could not join us, prevented by various constraints and which expressed us moving regrets.

I am also delighted by the presence among us of the National institute by audio-visual and the Mediterranean Center by the audio-visual communication, both members of the standing Conference for the audio-visual Mediterranean one, partner of the RIRM since 2010.


The Network of the Mediterranean authorities of regulation was born almost 20 years ago day for day. It was a question of contributing, by the exchange and mutual information on our systems of regulation of the audio-visual mediums, with the foundation of the Mediterranean space of peace and stability wanted by the Declaration of Barcelona of the November 27th and 28th, 1995.

The RIRM gathers today twenty-six authorities of two banks of the Mediterranean, resulting from all its civilisations, each one agent of millenia of shared history: with Plato with Al Fârâbî, with Homère with Virgile, Alexandre the Large one in Soliman, Augustin with Maïmonide, Avicenne with Galileo…, the Mediterranean east this MER-world where and intermingled the cultures without being diluted are brewed nor to deteriorate, this overflowing crucible of diversity from where spouts out the so singular solidarity which joins together us today.

To the XXIE century, century of the data and algorithms, this basket spiritual, intellectual and cultural single in the world, finds naturally in audio-visual invaluable source of enrichment and renewal. The networks and the media are the new roads and the natural crossroads of the ideas and the exchanges. Our respective public authorities instructed us to protect them and to develop them so that information and creations and with them circulate freely there, the tolerance and peace. Greek Antiquity, at the origin even of the city from Marseilles, had thought Hermes as god messenger of all the trade which concretize the values which bind us. Modern times invested the authorities of regulation of audio-visual of this concrete and crucial responsibility for accompaniment, protection and promotion.

Rich person of this shared conscience, the assemblies of the RIRM have allowed for 20 years the development of reference documents, carrying common regulating principles for the warranty of the freedom of the media and the rights of the public, of is in west of the Mediterranean basin, bank to another.

I naturally think of the Declaration of the RIRM on the regulation of the audio-visual contents committed with Marrakech and finalized in 2007 in Reggio one later: freedom, dignity, otherness, pluralism were in particular set up in common and constant requirements of any mode of regulation of the media in the Mediterranean.

Since this Declaration of Reggio, the RIRM sticks to translate of it the range by the édiction of specific orientations, which the evolution of the audiovisual programmes or the news of the area causes. It was precisely the object of our declarations relating to the protection of youth and the programs violent one, the emissions of reality TV, the fight against the stereotypes of kind and, as I have just evoked it, with the media treatment of the migratory crisis. 


By these successive declarations, we achieved a considerable work, which translates only one and even design of the freedom of the audio-visual communication, under the Mediterranean seal.

We must be delighted by such a result. On the one hand, the Mediterranean basin crossed by deep political, economic and human upheavals, must be able to count on free media and structuring public regulations, leavens of solidarity, prosperity and democracy. This challenge of social cohesion is more than ever in the middle of our concerns. In addition, as I recently could underline it at the time of the conference of presidents of the REFRAM, the French-speaking Network of the regulators of the media, as within the ERGA, the group of the regulators of the European Union, where new responsibilities were entrusted to me, the regulation of audio-visual at the digital age will have to take place more and more, beyond the States, in regional spaces and international. And to mention the ERGA quite naturally enables me to congratulate its new president, here present, Monsieur Damir Hajduk, president of the Agency for the electronic media of Croatia.

 These spaces of regulation are institutional spaces the such European Union or linguistic spaces like the Francophonie. They are also geographical spaces, solidarity, exchanges and of culture like the east, par excellence, the Mediterranean basin.

This new context, the action of the RIRM must be made the illustration as well on the internal plan as external.

On the internal plan, we will have to stick to the deepening of our common design of the regulation. Indeed, the digital revolution does not call into question our references shared as regards audio-visual contents. The development of the new audio-visual mediums, delinearized, decentralized, with the multiple interaction and access modes, watch on the contrary which it became necessary to put forward these references beyond their sphere of traditional application.

Indeed, which regulation to define vis-a-vis the power of these new total audio-visual mass media which are the social networks and the platforms of division and diffusion of audio-visual contents? How to ensure effectively in this digital environment, the honesty of information, the dignity of the people, the pluralism of the ideas, cultural diversity? Which public policies can we support near these new actors in the interest of diversity in the cinema and the audio-visual one, pillar of our Mediterranean culture.

The time of the regulation and the unilateralism is behind us, like that of a market partitioned and protected by the pre-square from the hertzian diffusion. Our time is that of a new regulation, comprising the most various forms: self-regulation, coregulation, participative regulation, they will help us to associate the new actors of audio-visual resulting from the digital environment with our common values of freedom of communication and protection of the public ones.

This essential question of the field of application of the regulation of audio-visual, like that of its modes of action, must thus mobilize the RIRM durably. And this approach must proceed of a constant dialogue on the values conveyed by the audio-visual contents.

It is precisely what the new Declaration will intend to mark that we will submit to our Parliament at the conclusion two work days. We will affirm our commitment there to promote, at the regional levels, national and international, the adaptation of the regulation of audio-visual to the challenges of our new technological and digital environment.

From this point of view, the RIRM must enable us to be better informed on our respective audiovisual landscapes and the way in which our modes of regulation seize the challenges of the new media.

I wish for that our website is a reference index, as accessible and complete as possible, supporting the exchange and the co-operation of the members of the RIRM and, beyond, contributing to direct any person or institution eager to know the audio-visual Mediterranean one and his regulators.

For our assembly we thus inaugurate the new website of the RIRM, which profits from a better ergonomics and facilitates the division of data. I really invite you to seize this new tool, spontaneously to pour there all information and documentations, to make known your activities and to share your interrogations there. We will take care with our Moroccan colleagues of a dynamic administration of the site ensuring its optimal exposure. Our radiation and our effectiveness depend on it.

To this new infrastructure also a clearer and expressive logo for our Network, selected corresponds after having consulted the whole of the members. This new visual identity will thus contribute to reinforce the visibility and the notoriety of the RIRM. I will be particularly attentive there during my year of presidency.


I add that to this internal dynamics a necessary external dynamics, developed will have to correspond according to three axes: the radiation, the influence and widening.

The axis of the radiation initially because, by its geography as by its languages and its cultures, the Mediterranean tightens multiple bridges towards the rest of the world: 

 Our authorities of regulation, you know it, started all from several other networks which it acts: 


  • REFRAM animated by the Francophonie,
  • ERGA or EPRA for the State members of the European Union or the Council of Europe,
  • RIARC for the States of the African continent,
  • PRAI for the States of the ibéro-American sphere.

I will mention also the Conference for the audio-visual one in the Mediterranean, the COPEAM which gathers many audio-visual operators and of which we are partners since 2010; it supports in particular the festival of audio-visual Mediterranean of Primed, organized by the CMCA (Mediterranean Center of the audio-visual communication) and which will be held, happy convergence, in Marseilles the next week

 We must thus attach us to nourish closer contacts with the whole of these networks, with the image of the first top internetwork which the HACA of Morocco with Fès organized, last February, joining together through the African RIARC and PRAI, 14 authorities and 8 ibéro-American.


The second axis that I propose to you to follow is that of the influence. Our shared designs of the regulation and the public policies associated with audio-visual must find a stronger resonance in the public debate: I am thus delighted particularly by the project of participation of the RIRM, on the initiative of our colleague Mrs. Lemrini, president of the HACA of Morocco, to the 62E session of the Commission of the Condition of the Woman of the United Nations, who will be held in New York next March. I testify my complete availability to him to accompany it in this approach.

 The example set by this initiative should lead us to put forward more largely our activities within the international authorities, in particular with the parliamentary Parliament of the Mediterranean and near the European Union.

With personal capacity, in addition, I will put my experiment of the presidency of a network, that of the 28 regulators of the media of the European Union, the ERGA, with the service of the RIRM. I wish for that to organize this year, in Paris, a conference of presidents of the networks of regulators from where we would make spout out common trunks: ERGA, RIRM, REFRAM, RIARC, PRAI, EPRA in particular, without forgetting the forms of cooperation which develop in the South-East Asia, if opened with the technology innovation of point.  


The third and last axis are that of widening: if our network did not cease growing since its creation, we did not accommodate member again since 2014.

However, of new regulatory authorities were recently created in Mediterranean States, or are about to be it.

Our natural vocation is to accommodate them within the RIRM and to share with them our experiment.

I would be thus happy if our next assembly could mark the arrival of new authorities within the RIRM, in membership or, at the very least of accredited observer.

Us to open with others and to enrich us by our differences. A famous French historian of the Mediterranean, Fernand Braudel, wrote: “ What the Mediterranean? Thousand things at the same time, not a landscape, but of innumerable landscapes, not a sea, but a succession of seas, not a civilisation, but of the civilisations “. It, is thus associated in our diversity, without gumming our own specificities and by nourishing us of the correspondences which the accounts allow, the images, the sounds, which we will be able to promote the public regulation necessary to a free audio-visual communication, strong and rassembleuse for the whole of the Mediterranean basin.

Our work of these two days will concretize, I am sure, these ambitions and I wish that each one among us withdraw many lesson from them.

I wish very cordially and very warmly to thank those and those which helped us to arrange this meeting:

  • Directing Monsieur Maxime Tissot of the Tourist office of the town of Marseilles, for its attentive listening and its constant availability;
  • services of the Superior council of audio-visual intensely mobilized since several months: directions and the whole of the collaborators associated with our meeting.

They have work so that we celebrated under the best conditions the 20 years of our Network; 20 years which mark for an organization like ours the age of maturity and perenniality; a network turned towards the future, conscious of the width of its mission and the accuracy of its vocation.

And I will conclude while again turning me towards you, Mister the Mayor. Your presence among us, like those of your assistants respectively in charge of the culture and of the international relations, is an honor and a testimony which particularly hold us with heart.

It is with much recognition that we are now on the point of listening to you.

With the image of your city in charge of history and carrying future, I wish, extremely confidence of each one throughout the year of my mandate, long life, effectiveness and prosperity with our Network in a spirit of friendship, comprehension and shared progress.