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Speech of president Olivier Schrameck to the Living room of the Radio - Friday, January 26, 2018

Publication date: Friday, February 2, 2018

Speech of Olivier Schrameck, president of the Superior council of audio-visual to the Living room of Radio operator the 2018
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Dear friends,

It is a great pleasure of taking part, after the preceding one, with this 15th edition of the Living room of the radio and I make a point of initially thanking his organizer, Monsieur Philippe Chapot, for the quality of this go from now on paramount professionals of the radio in their diversity I think in particular of the exhibitors, providing diffusion, suppliers of hardware, software, of contents, schools of formation to the trades of the radio, which I will have great interest to meet in a few minutes.

I also greet, dear Philippe, the invaluable tool which constitutes for each one of us, the Letter Pro.

But also, with personal capacity, I underline your old and energetic commitment in favour of the dynamism of the territories, their emergence and their opening-up. This approach is more generally, you know it, that of our territorial committees of audio-visual on which I invite you to press you more and more.

Our interest for your demonstration will have been illustrated this year by a considerably increased presence.

Yesterday, in opening, Nicolas Curien maintained you the new prospects for the development for Usually + to which day before our regulating institution.

And throughout this demonstration, the stand of the CSA installed in E09 accommodates you to answer all your questions using a rich and concrete documentation.

Lastly, in quality of the President of the CSA, I held in spite of heavy constraints which retained me yesterday in Brussels, to be among you and to share, in spite of difficulties whose we have conscience whole, the resolution and the optimism which must inspire to us.


The radio, it should be pointed out, is our at the same time technological, economic and cultural core business. It belongs to us in particular to ensure the best allocation of resources available and to promote all the germs with a future.

Nearly 1000 authorized services exploit several thousands of FM frequencies on the metropolitan territory and in our overseas.

Of course, I recognize it to the point, it was not always easy with the wire of the decades to reconcile the requirements of growth of a very competitive sector with the needs for a plural and various offer.

I often considered it regrettable that an approach of flow to the margin prevailed.

But today, the radio operator media entered a new era, marked by its digital deployment.

For as much it remains more than ever these media of instantaneity and the immediate proximity with the listener: not only thanks to the new accesses which the portable applications allow particularly, but still thanks to the social networks which facilitate the interactivity.

With the digital one, the radio, media of flow par excellence, become also media of stock, media of heritage allowing the valorization of long course of its production, in particular by all the delinearized forms of use which it is about from now on traditional the podcast, increasingly more required but still of new forms of use.

The radio can also recommend forms of geared down diffusions.


  • Variations of Web radios enriching the linear programming by very specialized sets of themes, in particular as regards musical radios.
  • More recent production of podcasts autonomous by which the radios make bear fruit their know-how, stimulate the creation of original contents – these last forms of productions are particularly important because they can justify a financing complementary to the radios by purchase to the act or subscription, with the image of the services of VoD or SVoD.
  • Remarkably fast development of the filmed radio, which makes it possible to touch the new public ones and gives access to advertising resources in particular on the platforms of division of video.
  • I add finally that the Radio, media of the voice, are directly in string to benefit from the impressive projections as regards artificial intelligence, as regards vocal control and of the personalization of the contents.
  • In short, the radio spoke to us, and soon, we will speak with the radio.


As many novations which, ultimately, make that the Radio fits naturally in a complete ecosystem of “total media” and that by its integration with the developments plurimédias, it becomes a frontier runner of digital links.

It naturally falls on the regulator to accompany this very promising progress.

Three challenges appear crucial to me.


  • The measurement of audience initially, must today fully take account of the new accesses and the new uses of the radio in constant growth; launching by Médiamétrie this autumn of a measurement of Radio audience “& Music” in streaming is a significant stage in order to fully develop the audience on IP. Beyond, it is an essential building site from the point of view of the audimetry carried.
  • In second place the pressure imports which we must exert on the national and European legal framework, in particular in favour of the inclusion of the streaming in their perimeter, and to put thus fine at an asymmetry of very detrimental regulation for our musical radios. In Brussels, the combat is difficult. I got busy there of all my forces as lately as yesterday. We plead so that the European directive has a widened base. And we count on your assistance and your support for this purpose.
  • In third place, it is important to develop the levers of growth in favour of the edition of services of radio operator hertzian. These levers are themselves of three distinct orders.


Growth by the syndication of program, which makes it possible to raise the uncertainties bound by nature the calls for candidate. They must nevertheless be framed in order not to constitute a diversion distorting competition.

The growth by obtaining new frequencies in FM, always voted by plebiscite by the sector as testifies success to them to the calls for candidate. However, we agree

all that the period of the great FM allotments is behind us and that the available resource is rare. The CSA does not have of it less the concern always of continuing the extension of FM as it recently proved by publishing his passenger waybill 2018-2019: fourteen calls to the candidatures, concerning 13 CTA, could thus be launched during years 2018 and 2019, subject to the conclusions of the impact studies and the public consultations envisaged by the law. New frequencies will be searched within the framework of five CTA. Spent these two years, we will approach the moment of broad general calls caused by the expiry of a large number of authorizations: they could give the opportunity of important movements.

The growth by obtaining new frequencies in Usually +, new more precise name, harmonizes some with the European and international use, appropriate to the glance of the distinction of with the television services and in conformity with your wishes.

The spring of the RNT which I had announced is made wait but to profit from much better weather conditions. From this promising point of view, the CSA very clearly engaged thanks to qualities of rigour, listening and initiative, nourished of a strong competence of our colleague Nicolas Curien. I make a point of paying a particular homage here to him.

As I make a point of paying homage to the Management of the radio operator media remarkably directed by François-Xavier Meslon surrounded by his motivated and dynamic teams. The action of the Council on Usually +, contrary to a logic of substitution, is inspired by a spirit of diversification and a double preoccupation of convenience and a reliability.

It is the direction of this expression forged by Nicolas Curien in a coloured way, the already famous plan of the “arcs and nodes”.

The watchword of the CSA is clear: “to usually make quickly and viable” while deploying initially + on the large basins of life and the main axes of road displacement.

In the short run, this booster should make it possible to reach the threshold of the 20% of cover which will start the digital obligation of equipment of all the radio operator receivers.

Very often, one opposed the various modes of diffusion of the radio according to a logic of substitution, whereas actually these modes are added, is supplemented and allowed to touch all the types of terminals, the transistor to the smartphones via listening on computer and all the situations of use: mobility, listening in the residence, on holiday…

It is in this logic that the action of the Council is registered on Usually +: a logic of the complementarity of the networks, which aims at facilitating the access and the listening of the radio. In the long term, the listener will not put any more the question of his access mode, FM, Internet, 4 G, Usually +, but will listen to his radio preferred by letting his receiver choose the solution of the most adapted reception.

Nothing would have been possible, I also underline it, without your active participation with our dense and rich public consultation by 47 contributions which deserve the same qualifiers.

Lastly, within the framework of an overall approach which has authority to apply to all the media, I make a point of stressing that beyond natural competition and of an emulation fertilizes between editors, the ways of development are also located in the federation of your efforts in digital space.

I think in particular of synergies of the radios independent and the associative radios by common applications of distribution.


* *


We are aware fully that in particular the advertising financing and the compressing of the durations of listening remain strong concerns.

But increasingly more present, at a rate of these renewals whose dynamism of its actors is the guaranteeing one, the radio will continue, I am sure, to combine traditions and innovations in the middle of information, with the service of our national cohesion and territorial, in accordance with the music on holds of the new generations.

Thanks to your voluntarism, your capacities and your potentialities, including voluntary the particularly many ones, you are always reactive with the challenge of modernity.

With the approach of the world Day of the Radio which will be celebrated, you know it, on February 13th, your media can count more than ever on the support of the CSA.

I cordially wish with this living room all the success which it deserves and I congratulate you for the dynamism that it expresses.

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