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Speech of president Olivier Schrameck during the launching of the operation “female Sport always” on February 5th, 2018

Publication date: Monday, February 5, 2018












“Female sport always”

Madam the Minister for the sports, dear Laura Flessel,

Madam the Secretary of State in charge of the Equality enters the women and the men, dear Marlène Schiappa,

Mrs Allison Pineau, very dear godmother of our collective mobilization, 

Dear colleagues, and particularly on this occasion, dear Nathalie,

Ladies and gentlemen, Dear friends,

It is for me a happiness to open, in this high place of the sport, resonant still of the first Olympic Games of Paris, this conference of presentation of the event “ female Sport always ”. Decided by the Minister for the Sports within the framework of the standing Conference of the female sport, in partnership with the CSA, this event place will have the next February 10th and 11th. 

I am very happy to find you, dear Madam the Minister, whereas we already engaged a profitable dialogue personally, you who always showed your interest for the action to the CSA in favour of the female sporting practice; initially like godmother of our first operation, “ 24 hours of the female sport ”, carried by our former colleague Christine Kelly in January 2014, then as ambassadress within the framework as of “ 4 seasons of the female sport ” conceived by our colleague Nathalie Sonnac. Whatever its methods, the objective still amplified remains same the, essential one: that one can speak about the female sport not only one day but throughout the year. 

Dear Marlène Schiappa, that I will find in a few days to agree on an overall action falling under your so important mission within the government, it is for me also an invaluable occasion to greet your ministerial and personal commitment; your will to fully associate with it the audio-visual sphere and your concern of finding, in our institution, an interlocutor and a partner. 

You incarnez the continuity of a paramount partnership with our mission of promotion of the women since, already at the time of first the 24 hour old edition of the female sport, four years ago, your ministry was present at the most level with the head office even of the CSA with the ministry for the sports to mark launching of it. 

And I will also point out that you were present at the prefecture of Drome, for the second season of edition 2017 of the “ 4 seasons of the female sport ”, outstanding with the Minister for the Sports the installation of the standing Conference of the female sport. Lastly, I am happy to greet the godmother of this operation, Allisson Pineau, by personally congratulating it for the championship on the world which it gained with the French team of handball last December, having nearly 4.5 million televiewers.

You incarnate here all these women who, still in 2017, made France a great sporting nation.

I think in particular of the intense and combative semi-final out of world cup of Rugby, another meeting followed by more than 3 million televiewers, and a general way all diversity of the female sport, thus the 2nd world title of the judoka Clarisse Agbegnenou; the gold medal and crystal ball of Tessa Worley in ski; victory of the French team of football in “ She Believes Cup ” and its very noticed quarterfinal out of European Cup of the UEFA… 

And of course, Madam the Minister, it is the occasion to pay homage to the French swordsmen, champions of Europe in team with Tblissi last June. 

You have besides, dear Alisson Pineau, already expressed your attachment with audio-visual for the promotion of the causes of collective interest since by 2010, you had taken part in the countryside “to eat Well, it is well to play” organized by the Foundation of the Sport. 

At the origin of the event which gathers us, you know it, appeared an awakening through a study led by the mission sport of the CSA in 2013. This one noted that the female sport did not represent whereas 7% of the programs of sports diffused on the 12 principal national, free TV channels like paying, general practitioners like sets of themes. 

It was about an unacceptable situation to the glance: 

  • importance of the sport in the life of the Frenchwomen, whereas more than one Frenchwoman out of two is practising regular; 
  • constant growth amongst laid off, more than 20% since 2007; 
  • and of the considerable economic impact of the audio-visual mediatization for the financing of the female sport.

Beyond, and, more largely, this under-exposure was an alarm because the sport, particularly the female sport thus maintained in the shade, is a stone of key of social cohesion and fight against discriminations: a school of equality, achievement of oneself and respect of the other. 

From there, will to gather the audio-visual mediums, with the support of the public authorities and the sporting movement, so that during one determined period, those openly put at the honor the female sport. 

By 2013, the first action of my mandate, with the full approval of the college of the CSA, was to create a working group especially devoted to promotion as with the protection of the women in a too male company of which we perceive fully today at which point it can be noxious.

We thus find ourselves since 2014, each beginning of year, for this equipped mobilizing associating a growing number and a diversity increasingly larger of French and French-speaking audio-visual mediums: local televisions and radios, main roads or without forgetting the sites and actors of the Internet even if we would wish, in the capacity as regulator, that they be more numerous to join the event. 

In 2017, for the first of the “ four seasons ” more than thirty TV channels, main roads and local, free and paying, and about fifty radios diffused female sporting events, but also reports, debates, magazines and emissions of plate illustrating the female sport. 

Already, at the end of the year 2014, for a beach of observation similar to 2012, the proportion of female sport had doubled, passing from 7 to 14%, whereas at the same time, the female competitions started to take seat among the best audiences of the new chains of the DVB. 

Additional stake of an essential progress, in 2016, on the basis of new and thorough methodology, the annual analysis of the whole of the free channels having diffused sporting retransmissions and of a broad sample of the principal pay channels devoted partly or completely to the sport, made it possible to raise a proportion of female sport ranging between 16 and 20%. 

All these initiatives are undoubtedly only the beginning of a basic movement which should be continued to stimulate and accompany, in particular from the point of view of the Olympic Games and Paralympiques for Paris 2024.

We want that at this stage, the female sport is fully recognized in the beauty of its show as in the intensity of the emotions that it gets to us collectively. 

Meanwhile we will be naturally very attentive with the conditions of exposure of world of female football which will take place the next year. 

The new operation “ female Sport always ” which will proceed this end of the week will benefit besides from a very rich sporting calendar. But, beyond the retransmissions of meetings and compétions, they are all the facets and all the challenges of the female sport which will be clarified and discussed. That of its saving and the naturally virtuous circle of financing and recruitment which a better audio-visual exposure supports; that of its diversity, through the discovery of all the practices and all the disciplines; that finally of its place in the sporting movement, in comparison with the underrepresentation of the women in the federal authorities or the technical and sporting directions. 

It is to say to which point we appreciate the choice of the public authorities to perennialize this annual mobilization of the audio-visual sector by its registration within the framework of the standing Conference of the female sport, placed under the responsibility of the government which you incarnate both.

Parallel to this go, in addition to the general measures taken by the CSA on the basis of barometer of diversity and of the indicators defined in our deliberation of February 2015 relating to the respect of the women's rights, we will intensify the production of studies on the female sport.  

I think for example under investigation on the diffusion of the female sporting practice which we have just put online like at that, prepared by Nathalie Sonnac, on “ the challenges and opportunities of the Olympic Games and Paralympiques of Paris 2024 for the audio-visual sector ” and which insists in particular on the important lever of exposure of the female sport that the Games will be able to constitute. 

Thus the modern design of our regulation is expressed quite naturally, by information, sensitizing and the voluntary mobilization. The regulation has the role to accompany and precede the evolutions of the company reflected by the audiovisual landscape while contributing to the community property. After having paid a right tribute to the mobilizing energy of my colleague and friendly Nathalie Sonnac, which is to some extent our banner bearer, I would like to affirm ultimately in your wake with both, Mesdames the Ministers, our conviction, our common hope.

« Female sport one day, female sport always ».

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