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Olivier Schrameck: “We should reinforce Europe of the regulators”

Publication date: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The academic pulpit Audio-visual and Digital ofthe University Paris 2 the Pantheon Assas organized on December 5th a conference devoted to the “Strategies of the European audio-visual groups”. Find the intervention of Olivier Schrameck, president of the CSA on “the audio-visual regulation today”.


OS_Colloque December 5th


Audio-visual regulation today

Dear friends,

To open the resumption of our work, I am happy occasion that you offered to me to subject some general remarks to you.

First of all by cordially greeting you for this collective contribution, to the debate and the organization of which, one of our colleagues itself professor of university, Nathalie Sonnac, contributed, with the dynamism that each one knows to him.

Expressing me here with personal capacity, I make it all the more readily as the modern installation of these places does not make me forget that it is here, in Assas, that I started there is “ some time ” the training of the right.

Who evoked there is a few weeks the audio-visual regulation could not take into account outstanding and very recent news yet: I refer obviously to the declarations of the President of the Republic on the widening of competences of the CSA to fight against discriminations and violences whose are still unfortunately victims the women.

In a general way, the Minister for the culture has just underlined it this morning, the regulation, according to his remarks, “ principal stake ”, is a building site which is located in the middle of the presidential project.

However, to evoke here the regulation at the time of the analysis of the European audio-visual groups invites naturally to two visions: one, general, of its development lived like an asset and a base for the future; the other more dubious on its limits on a European scale and the digital age.


The audio-visual regulation, such as the practice the CSA, profits from a substantial addition of credibility and confidence.

Credibility rests initially on independence and the impartiality.

Independence, that worthless legal provision could not with it only guarantee, is today, if one can risk this unusual conjunction of terms, “ an experimental truth ”.

Never, I well never say it, I was not the object of a pressure, this was of an attempt, direct or indirect of political pressure.

As for my relationships to the economic powers, which can not have the same reserves of principle, the CSA was always determined in all autonomy, whatever the powers to which it was to clash, knowing pertinently that the price to be paid was to dissatisfy them alternatively or successively.

As for the impartiality, which is the bon usage of independence, the CSA showed it as much, even if it were able to him to encounter strange allegations, according to which it would not have been rather severe with regard to competitors.

And with the political plan, it is indifferent to recall only if the intense election time that we lived has constrained us to apply an electoral legislation complexes, no political training, no political official did not blame this impartiality.

Both, impartiality and independence combined are also the pillars of confidence.

This one was expressed to us by the members of Parliament who, during the previous legislature, voted 14 laws which caused for object or to reinforce competences of the CSA.

And, as regards the public opinion very, this confidence finds an indication other, but significant, in the exponential growth of sasines which we receive for an intervention: 9000 in 2015, undoubtedly nearly 90,000 according to a light extrapolation in 2017.

Finally to return there, which more important and encouraging brand of confidence that very recent remarks of the President of the Republic which I mentioned from the start.


Admittedly, much of progress remain to achieve in a world where the digital immersion supposes always more technological know-how, of economic dynamism and creative cultural innovation, three qualities which must be more than ever with the service of our values.

A world of exacerbated international competition where only a European framework of action can make it possible the strategies of each one to be reinforced by more convergences and synergies between all.

It is to say to which point the object of our exchanges of today appears essential, which will naturally lead me to put forward, as a regulator, of waitings and the hopes which in common have the aspiration with more co-operation.




Co-operation, initially, between the university and the audio-visual sector.

The university dynamism, combined with that of our schools of engineers and trade, which results in particular in the multiplication and the quality of the Master's degrees, must make it possible to draw up and as well as possible to use a true cartography of our potential.

The audio-visual groups and the regulator itself will be able to draw even more their capacity of intervention there.

Better connections, then, between these groups and European institutions.

Let us not be afraid of the words and let us can look at the history moving of European construction: the defense and the illustration of their causes by interest groups always played a considerable part, sector of agriculture to that of energy or telecommunications. It always was essential in my eyes that the audio-visual groups make the same efforts of presence and intervention.

Better connections also between the French groups themselves, the French groups and the other European groups.

I always regretted a certain propensity with the oppositions and the bulk-headings, even if the disagreements too often generating of dispute vary with the liking of time and the wire of the questions. The audio-visual one has shared interests stronger than its divergences; those call the dialogue and the exercise of a flexible right.

In 2013, first year of my mandate, whereas brought together for the first time around a table the leaders of the French televisual groups, I had been struck by a little mocking incredulity which had accommodated my matter on the prospect for one “ French Hulu ”.

Today it is a “ Hulu with European ” which it is necessary for us of course by taking account of the variety of the languages and the cultures. Whatever their specificities, private public services and groups all are potentially concerned.

Contrary, if Europe is our future, in the audio-visual sector also, it should not remain open to the Trojan horses which the strategies of escape and skirting constitute.

To answer these ambitions, I invite with better connections between the unions of regulators and the networks of operators.

The ERGA which joins together the whole of the regulators of the European Union, born in 2014 under our impulse, is perennialized and guarantor of the independence of her members.

It is about to becoming a point of inking for a directive SMA widened in its perimeter, more ambitious in its requirements, in particular of contribution and financing of European works.

After two years of presidency and one of vice-presidency, the CSA is there of return to the foreground, with the paramount responsibility for the finalization like implementation of the new directive.

The CSA also chairs the Network of the authorities of Mediterranean regulations, the RIRM, 26 countries with the total, eager to display common values and interests whatever banks of the pond nostrum.

And the CSA also permanently assures executive secretariat of the French-speaking Network of the regulators of the media, the REFRAM.

There is a very vast field association between the audio-visual groups and these actors of the regulation thus gathered. An area of agreements and combined actions which can profit from the bilateral cooperations like multilateral of the regulators, whereas they link us more and more narrowly, institutionnellement and personally.

This promising aspiration, it is necessary for us to analyze it, organize it, finalize it.

You know it, the CSA plead for a broader regulation and supplement, coherent, softened and also renovated, simplified at the time of digital.

In the same spirit, the CSA on the initiative of a better dialogue between the French authorities of regulation, was convinced that the audio-visual regulation cannot be restricted at only one institution, but calls a reinforced co-operation. This one has authority to be exerted between several sectoral regulatory authorities, but also with those which treat fundamental transverse questions: competition as well as the valorization and the reinforced protection of the copyrights and the personal data.

The Minister for the culture qualified Europe of new border of the audio-visual co-operation.

In parallel, we should also reinforce Europe of the regulators.

Thus the strategies of the European audio-visual groups will find outrage an adapted framework, a solid something to lean on, an organized convergence.

_that this conference, of which I greet again the initiative and the ambition, lead also quite naturally to make be worth this inspiration fundamental: the regulation does not have authority to be a constraint if not by default but quite to the contrary an impulse, a co-operation, a promotion with the service of our combined, legal, economic and cultural values.