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Conventions of the editors

Conventions are connected with contracts binding the Superior council of audio-visual, acting in the name of the State, and the editors of services. They fix the general and particular obligations weighing on the television services and of radio.

As regards diffusion by hertzian way (analogical or digital), the conclusion of a convention is an essential precondition to the delivery of the authorization of diffusion (Article 28 of the law of September 30th, 1986).

Editors of services of radio and television which do not use the frequencies assigned by the CSA (ex: satellite, cable, ADSL, etc) are also subjected to the mode of the conventionality except if their annual budget is lower than 75,000 € for the radios and 150,000 € for televisions. They must then be subjected to a declaratory mode (II of article 33-1 of the law of September 30th, 1986).

The failures of an editor to the stipulations of his convention can justify the delivery of a formal notice or, in the event of repetition, the commitment of a procedure of sanction in its opposition.

The editors of the public utility of the audio-visual communication do not have to sign convention with the CSA. However, they are compelled with the obligations of specifications whose contents are fixed by decree.