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Decisions of the CSA

The CSA can, within the framework of the powers which are assigned to him by the law, to adopt individual decisions aiming at an editor or distributor in particular.

Adopted by the plenary assembly of the Council, these decisions are various natures. They can for example be decisions of authorization to use the hertzian resource, of a simplified renewal of authorization or an approval given to the modification of the name of a service or with a late change of programming.

Within the framework of its activity of follow-up of the programs, the Council can also choose to address, in the event of noted failure, of simple letters or the mails of warning statement to the editors or the distributors pointing out the need to them for conforming to their obligations.

Moreover, the Council can put in residence the editors and the distributors to respect their obligations. It is the precondition necessary to the delivery of a sanction (except if the CSA suspends the authorization or withdraws it on the base of article 42-3 of the law of November 30th, 1986).

These individual decisions (formal notice and sanction) are published in the Official journal and are notified to the editor or with the distributor concerned.

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