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Diffusion of the report “That which shows” in Special correspondent: formal notice of France Televisions

Publication date: Monday, April 30, 2018
Plenary assembly of April 11th, 2018

The CSA was seized about the diffusion, during the emission Correspondent special of December 14th, 2017, of a report on the women who, victims of rapes or sexual aggressions on behalf of a senior in rank, carry felt sorry for.

The CSA examined the sequence at his meeting of April 11th, 2018. He noted that the report was very mainly devoted to a woman who, showing a politician of facts of rape in meeting, had left civil to a lawsuit sitted largely popularized through the media and then in progress. If the presumption of innocence from which the defendant profits there were not expressly called into question, the CSA estimated that the credit granted to the civil part, the declarations of the questioned witnesses and the comments except field contributed to the establishment of an unbalanced report and primarily centered on the loads retained against the defendant.

The CSA estimated that the defect of measure to the evocation of a criminal legal procedure in progress, within a report diffused in addition a few hours only after the audience of the civil part concerned and before the jury deliberates, constituted a failure with the provisions of article 35 of the schedule of conditions of France Televisions. This one states indeed that “ in the respect of the right to information, the diffusion of emissions, images, matter or documents concerning to legal procedures or facts likely to cause legal information requires that a special attention is given on the one hand to the respect of the presumption of innocence, i.e. a not yet judged person is not introduced like culprit, on the other hand with the secrecy of the private life and finally with the anonymity of the juvenile delinquents. The company takes care, in the presentation of the legal decisions, so that the jurisdictional decisions under conditions are not commented on likely to attack the authority of justice or to its independence. When a legal procedure in progress is evoked with the antenna, the company must take care, in the total treatment of the business, so that: - the business is treated with measurement, rigour and honesty; - the treatment of the business does not constitute an obstacle characterized with this procedure; - pluralism is ensured by the presentation of the various involved theses, by taking care in particular that the parts in question or their representatives are put able to make known their point of view. »

It decided to put in residence France Televisions in the future to respect the provisions of article 35 of its specifications.