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Matter on the attack which has occurred in April 2017 on the Fields-Élysées: intervention at CNews

Publication date: Thursday, October 5, 2017
Plenary assembly of July 26th, 2017

The CSA was seized by remarks made on the antenna of CNews, on April 21st, 2017, by a speaker who commented on the shooting which has occurred the day before on the Fields-Elysées and during which a police officer died. The plaintiffs considered it regrettable that this speaker affirmed that “ 27% of the Moslem French claimed ideology from the Islamic State and 50% of the young Muslims of the cities ”, quoting an investigation of Ifop for the Montaigne Institute.

Article 2-2-1 of the convention concluded between the Council and CNews provides that “ the editor is responsible for the contents of the emissions which it diffuses. II in all circumstances the control of its antenna preserves “. In addition, under the terms of article 2-3-3 of this same convention, “the editor takes care in his program: (...) to respect the various political sensibilities, cultural and nuns of the public; not to encourage the discriminatory behaviors because of (…) the religion or of nationality; to promote the values of integration and solidarity which are those of the Republic (...) “.

The CSA noted that the speaker had made an erroneous quotation of certain data appearing in the above mentioned investigation. It in addition raised that during the emission, certain litigious remarks had been discussed neither by the journalist, nor by the contradictors present on the plate and had not been the object of a checking either.

Under these conditions, the Council considered that this extrapolation, in particular within a special program devoted to a terrorist act made the day before in France and asserted by Islamic the State group, agreed little with the obligation of promotion of the values of integration and solidarity which are those of the Republic, which figure to article 2-3-3 of the convention of CNews. II in addition estimated that the absence of reaction to such remarks constituted an insufficiency of control of the antenna, in infringment with the provisions of article 2-2-1 of the convention of CNews.

In comparison with the content of the made remarks, likely to cause amalgams, the CSA asked the persons in charge of the chain to take care of better respecting the above mentioned stipulations of the convention of CNews.