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Report devoted to the professional reconversion of graduates in “the 20 Hour old Newspaper” of November 22nd, 2017: intervention at TF1

Publication date: Monday, April 30, 2018
Plenary assembly of April 4th, 2018

The CSA was seized following the diffusion on TF1, in the televised newspaper of November 22nd, 2017, of a subject devoted to the young graduate credits in situation of professional reconversion.


In accordance with article 2-3-8 of the convention of TF1, the chain must show “ rigour in the presentation and the information processing ”.


After having examined the litigious sequence, the Council observed that, to illustrate a bearing subject on the graduate people in professional reconversion, the chain had diffused the images of an individual author of a triple homicide, prisoner under sentence of death by contumacy, whose history had known a broad media repercussion at the end of the years 1970. It estimated that the diffusion of these images was not suitable.


Under these conditions, he considered that this exposure was constitutive of a lack of rigour and recalled to the persons in charge of the chain their ethical obligations.