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Decisions of the Constitutional council

The Constitutional council, whose existence is devoted by articles 56 and following of the Constitution of October 4th, 1958, has the role of taking care of the conformity of the legal texts adopted by the Parliament with the constitutional provisions. He exerts this control, before promulgation of a law, if he is seized by the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the president of the National Assembly, the president of the Senate, sixty deputies or sixty senators. This sasine is, by principle, optional and the Constitutional council necessarily does not come to a conclusion about all the laws which are adopted. Some texts however are the object of an obligatory sasine (organic laws, bills chief clerks, regulations of parliamentary assemblies etc).

Moreover, article 61-1 of the Constitution allows any citizen, within the framework of a lawsuit, to approach the Constitutional council concerning a priority question of constitutionality (QPC), under the conditions fixed by the organic law of December 10th, 2009.

The decisions of the Constitutional council are not likely of any recourse and are essential on the public authorities like to all the administrative authorities and jurisdictional.