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Decrees and stopped

The decrees and the decrees are acts adopted by the executive power within the framework of reserved regulatory competence, pursuant to article 21 of the Constitution of October 4th, 1958 and, subject to the provisions of its article 13, the Prime Minister. One traditionally opposes the regulatory acts, covered of general interest and impersonal, with the individual acts, of which the effects are limited to their (S) only (S) recipient (S).

Many texts having milked with the right of audio-visual are of regulatory nature and in particular constitute decrees on enforcement of a law of the law of September 30th, 1986. Thus, whole sides of the activity of the services of radio, of television, SMAD and, by way of consequence, of the follow-up exerted by the CSA are governed by regulatory provisions. It is thus, for example, of the majority of the obligations relating to publicity and sponsorship or of those relating to the diffusion and the production of audio-visual and cinematographic works.