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Settlements of disputes

The CSA has a competence of settlement of the disputes, which applies to the litigations relating to the distribution of services of radio or television. For this reason, it can be seized by an editor - TV channel, radio station, etc - or a distributor of services - operator of the cable, platform of diffusion by satellite, multiplexer of the DVB, distributor, etc (Article 17-1 of the law of September 30th, 1986). The rules relating to the sasine and the course of the procedure before the CSA were fixed by the decree n° 2006-1084 of August 29th, 2006.

While allowing the Council to exert a competence in order to settle the disagreements likely to appear between editors and distributors of services, the legislator took into account the increasing share occupied by the competition law in the audio-visual regulation. By doing this, he recognized also the sectoral expertise on the Council by entrusting to him a competence first in the economic materials and competing.

Within this framework, it is up to the Council to slice the disagreement which will have been subjected to him while making it possible the parts alternatively to present their arguments.

Invited to come to a conclusion for a few years about the equitable, objective and nondiscriminatory character of the contractual relations between the editors and the distributors of services, the Council has implemented these new principles which stick from now on to the economic audio-visual matter regulation.