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Studies and publications

Studies and Publications

The Council publishes many documents in order to inform the public authorities, the operators of audio-visual, the televiewers and the listeners of his activity: annual report, studies carried out in-house or ordered from external institutes, reports at the Parliament and the Government, observatories regular, assessments of the chains and national companies of program, booklets of information, acts of the conferences which it organizes, etc

Thematic studies and impact studies

The studies produced by the services of the Council or entrusted to external cabinets aim clarifying the reflection, the decisions and the opinions of the College and at placing at the disposal of the public and the professionals of the elements of reflection on the challenges of the sector of the audio-visual one. [...]

Key figures

The audio-visual one is in the middle of deep changes. The access roads on television and radio, just as the methods of their consumption, diversify; the access to the “multichaînes offers” spreads; the number of economic actors intervening in the sector, who they are editors or distributors of television services, of services of audio-visual mediums to the request and radio, multiplies. [...]

Annual reports of the CSA

Article 18 of the law of September 30th, 1986 relating to the freedom of communication lays out that “the Superior council of audio-visual draws up each year a public report which gives an account of its activity, the application of this law, the respect of their obligations by the companies and the public corporation mentioned in articles 44 and 49 of this law [international France Televisions, Radio France, Radio France and the National institute of audio-visual]. This report is addressed to the President of the Republic, to the Government and the Parliament “.

Other reports

The Council publishes regularly, at the request of the Parliament or the Government in particular, of the reports on the various files which it follows. Those can take the shape of assessments or to be more prospective.


Three observatories were set up by the Council: one on the equipment of the hearths for the reception of the digital television which, at the end of 2013, became the Observatory of the audio-visual equipment of the hearths, the other on the representation of diversity in the audio-visual mediums, the third on the quality of the programs.

Reports and assessments

Each year, during the summer, the CSA examines the activity report of the principal private chains and the national companies of program during the previous exercise, taking into consideration their legal, lawful or conventional commitment.


In order to put at the disposal of public the most complete possible information on the French audio-visual sector and his regulation, the CSA publishes and brings up to date regularly booklets in general matter, legal or technical.

The guide of the numeric channels

Since 2003, the CSA, A.C.C.e.S., the CNC, the DGMIC of the ministry for the culture and the SNPTV joined to publish, each year, the Guide of the digital chains. [...]

Meetings of the CSA and conferences

The CSA regularly organizes events intended to join together, on a precise subject, the various actors: public authorities, operators, associations, televiewers and listeners. Since 2016, they bear the names of “Meetings of the CSA”.

Other publications: syntheses of consultations and dialogues, answers to the public authorities, reports of missions and hearings, etc

This topic gathers the other publications of the CSA.