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The representation of diversity of the French company on television and with the radio (2016): report with the Parliament and recommendations

Publication date: Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The expression of the diversity of the French company must from now on take a lead in the antennas of televisions and the radios. 

Within the framework of its missions defined in article 3-1 of the law n°86-1067 of September 30th, the Council stuck in 2016, within the framework of its working group “diversity” and in close collaboration with the Observatory of diversity created under its aegis in 2008, with strongly encouraging the whole of the actors of the world of audio-visual to make concrete commitments in order to contribute effectively to a better representation of the diversity of the French company on the antennas. 

The law n°2017-86 of January 27th, 2017 relating to the equality and the citizenship constitutes a projection of the legislator since she entrusted to the Council the mission of taking care “[…] so that the diversity of the French company is represented in the programs of the departments of communication audio-visual and that this representation is free from prejudices. »

This report has thus as an aim to submit to the Parliament, as lays down it article 3-1 of the law of September 30th, 1986, the state of the representation of diversity in the audio-visual mediums, as well as the actions conducted by the Council on the matter in 2016. It formulates ten recommendations there and present work axes for the exercises to come:  

1. To encourage the TV channels to make commitments quantified as regards the presence of the people representative of diversity in the ordered fictions;

2. To pay a special attention on the quality of the roles held in the fictions by the people representative of diversity;

3. To encourage the audio-visual mediums to take an annual statement of account of application of the clause “diversity” presents in the contracts of ordered programs;

4. To encourage the TV channels with more exploiting the results of the barometer of diversity ;

5. To incite the chains to treat, on their antennas, the question of poverty; 

6. To include in the barometer of diversity a measuring criterion of the representation of the people in situation of poverty; 

7. To systematize the staff training to diversity within the audio-visual companies; 

8. To promote the individual successes more people of origins, religions and social categories various in order to allow in particular the young people to nourish new ambitions; 

9. To think of the Germany and installation of the good practices raised by the Council within the framework of his missions in the United States

10. To create workshops of writing for certain fictions, opened young talents, to directors and to screenwriters, in order to give them the possibility of taking part in this work of design.


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You can download the report and its synthesis in framed “the Resources”.


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