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Video on demand by subscription in France: market and strategy of the actors

Publication date: Monday, May 14, 2018

In a context marked by the quick change of the offers and the consumption of audio-visual services, the market of the video on demand by subscription (VàDA) is in full rise. The CNC and the CSA wished to join together their competences to lead a common study on the market of VàDA in France.

The study draws up, on the one hand, an inventory of fixtures quantified of the market of VàDA in France and its evolution, compared to the other European countries. In addition, it sticks to better identifying the economic issues of the various services present on the French market.

This study aims at highlighting the typology of the actors and the offers available, the economic weight of the market of VàDA, as well as the dynamic ones of the sector since the appearance of the first services in France in 2005. The study seeks moreover to give an account of the various strategic levers implemented by the actors to ensure their commercial development.