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Report on the execution of the specifications of the Radio France company - Year 2016

Publication date: Thursday, October 26, 2017

In accordance with what the law relating to the freedom of communication imposes, the CSA draws up each year a report on the respect of the obligations of Radio France, registered in his schedule of conditions.

In 2016, the national radio respected the provisions of her specifications overall. It is however advisable to recall that those are quantified little and that they relate to the programs of the company taken as a whole and not chain with chain.

The strategic main issues of the exercise for Radio France were the following:

  • of leading terms, the objectives consisted with:

- to continue work on the complementarity of the antennas, which was the proof of its relevance in 2015;

- to affirm the positioning of the Broadcasting company as a cultural place by looking further into its role in musical creation and cultural, in link with the antennas;

- to accelerate the digital development to reinforce the accessibility of the contents to all the public ones and to propose modes of distribution in phase with the evolution of the practices of listening;
- to make a success of the launching of the first public offering of information: Franceinfo.

  • in terms of management of the company:

- to support the company modernisation through the renewal of the social dialogue, work on the organizations, the recasting of the information systems of management;

- to control the financial trajectory and to implement the necessary measures to allow the return to the progressive balance of the accounts of the company horizon 2018;

- to continue the programme of rehabilitation of the Broadcasting company.