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Assessment of the activity of the services of audio-visual mediums to the request in 2013

Publication date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The decree n°2010-1379 of November 12th, 2010 relating to the services of audio-visual mediums to the request (known as “decree SMAD”) envisages for these services:

  • an obligation, for those of which the turnover exceeds 10 million euros, to contribute to the development of the production;
  • an obligation to book a place in their catalogue, like on the homepage of their service, with European works and of French original expression (EOF).

In December 2013, a year after the coming into effect of this decree, the Council gave to the Prime Minister and the Minister for the culture and Transport a report on its application containing of the draft amendments (recalled partly V of this document). The Head office of the media and culture industries (DGMIC) opened in June 2014 a consultation relating to these proposals.

In 2014, the Council proceeded to the follow-up of the respect by the SMAD of the obligations of the decree to the title of the year 2013. The synthesis of the elements collected is exposed in this assessment.