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Arte Journal junior and 3 minutes to code with the honor

Publication date: Thursday, February 22, 2018

Handing-over of the price public CSA-Young person

The Bay-tree of the program youth rewards two programs ex-aequo this year: 3 minutes to code France Televisions and Arte Journal junior of Arte. This price, given within the framework of the bay-trees of the radio and television, is sponsored by the CSA for the first time. 


To reward for the programs adapted to the children

Carole Bienaimé-Besse, advisor of the CSA in charge of the questions of protection of the young public, gave on February 12th, 2018, price CSA – public Young person, within the framework of the Bay-trees of the radio and television.  This distinction honours this year an educational series and a program with information: 3 minutes to code and Arte Journal junior


To learn the code while having fun

The series 3 minutes to code proposed by France TV education is addressed to the 6-12 years. The purpose of the 20 videos animated by the youtubor Micode, are to learn the code and its many applications, in a simple and ludic way.



 Discover the page of the emission 3 minutes to code 


News for young people

The program Arte Journal Junior diffused the every day at 7:10 on Arte proposes a newspaper of news adapted to the 10-14 years.



Discover the page of the emission Arte Journal Junior


Public young people in the middle of the concerns of the CSA

This price supplements the commitment of the CSA in favour of the protection of youth. This commitment results in particular in:

- deliberations and decisions of the CSA on the protection of the public young people

- information campaigns of the general public on the descriptive youth and the use of the screens by the babies (countryside “No screen before three years”) 

- the installation of a public committee of experts young person with 6 main roads of work: the fight against the inappropriate contents, the video games, the offer for youth, the consumption of the screens: active screens/passive screens, artificial intelligence, algorithms and platforms, the security of the access and the descriptive one

- education with the media with the site of the Keys of audio-visual or the partnership like that with the Week of the press and the media in the school


What bay-trees of the radio and television?

This ceremony, organized by the Audio-visual Club of Paris, has honoured for now 23 years the French audiovisual programmes or in French language as well as the women and the men who innovate in the production of contents of quality. The bay-trees are decreed by a jury made up of professionals of the sector.