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Band 700MHz: the refittings continue

Publication date: Friday, March 30, 2018

Transmitting B700 phases with dates_sans v2

Since Monday, March 26 and until on Friday, March 30, of work of refitting of frequencies DVB are in hand in the East of the Metropolitan France. This technical operation made following the government decision of 2015 relative, inter alia, with the continuation of the modernization of Digital terrestrial television (DVB).



A plan of national refitting until 2019

In 2015 (law n°2015-1267 of October 14th, 2015), the Government decided to transfer band 700 MHz to the sector from telecommunications.

This transfer requires refittings of frequencies DVB on the whole of the territory in Metropolitan France and Overseas. The latter are organized in 13 phases from October 2017 to June 2019. The Ile-de-France, Provence, part of Occitanie and the Atlantic facade already carried out these operations.


To modernize the DVB and to develop the digital economy

The purpose of this operation of refitting of the frequencies is of:
- to modernize the diffusion of the DVB with the generalization of the HD which already took place in April 2016
- to optimize the use of the hertzian frequencies
- to very meet the increasing requirements in frequencies for the services for high speed portable.
Contrary on the way with whole HD, this refitting of frequencies DVB does not require any purchase again material. To find his chains, the televiewer must launch a research and memorizing of the chains once carried out the interventions on the transmitters of his area.


Actions on the ground

Prior to each phase, actions of the State are conducted towards the professionals and the televiewers.

The CSA, which ensures attribution, the management and the technical planning of the frequencies for the diffusion of television, manages the relations with the professionals, in particular the televisual services. The National agency of frequencies (ANFR) undertakes with the relations with the elected officials, the press and the general public.

At the time of a phase, the technical interventions led by the diffusers take place during the night, involving interruptions of diffusion of a few hours. As of the following day, the Audio-visual Technical Attaches (ATA) of the CSA ensure the follow-up of the good restarting of the diffusion on the ground.

At the time of each phase of transfer of band 700 MHz, the follow-up of the operations is centralized at the CSA, which ensures, with the support of the ANFR, coordination between the various actors: multiplexing, diffusers, antennists.


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