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Usually +: the radio is listened now numerically in Top-of-France!

Publication date: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Launching Usually +_2

1,2,3, it left for the digital radio in Top-of-France! This Tuesday, June 19, 2018 took place to the CCI of Large Lille, under the aegis of CSA, the official launching of Usually + in the area. The occasion for Nicolas Curien, member of the CSA, to confirm that the transition towards radio operator future is indeed committed.


“Today is one holiday! ” Nicolas Curien declared a few minutes before the official launch of Usually + this Tuesday, June 19. “The radio grows rich by more brought by the digital one. »

Marking the first stage of a modernization process over three years, this regional event also has a national range. Launching in Lille is the symbol of the acceleration of the strategy of the “arcs and the nodes” carried by the CSA and whose objective is a cover Usually + of 70% of the French population by 2020.


A digital network actor of the inclusion and guarantor of freedoms

The network Usually + is carrying multiple improvements of the experiment of the listener.  If the quality of sound is better out of digital radio, the contents are also increased by it. Indeed, it is for example possible with Usually + to have access to additional information concerning program, in the form of text or of image.

In addition the fact that, with Usually +, the frequency of the radios does not change more than one zone with another allows a better comfort of listening of mobility and the access to more radios from the same place. According to Akim Oural, assistant of Maire de Lille, “Usually + is also an actor of digital inclusion”.

Christophe Pasquier, regional delegate of Top-of-France for the National union of Independant local radio stations (SNRL) explains as for him that “for the independant local radio stations who have very few means, the future it is Usually! ».

Alain Liberty, president of the Trade union of the Independent Radios (SIRTI), backs up this matter by recalling that technology Usually + guarantees a total anonymity with its users: “it is a model free and free which enables us to preserve the sovereignty of the State vis-a-vis DROPPED A CLANGER and to the great groups”. A weighty argument in a context where the questions raised by the data collection are in the middle of the concerns of the public authorities like citizens.  


51 radios in Usually + in Top-of-France

“It is a great chance for the inhabitants of the area! ” is delighted François Decoster, vice-president of the area of Top-of-France, “to fall under the new stage which is the arrival of Usually +”.

With the launching of Usually + of this June 19th, these is 51 radios which from now on are diffused numerically in the area of Top-of-France. Among them, 24 did not profit from FM frequency in the area and thus come out in the radiophonic landscape of the Northerners.

It is in particular the case of FIP which returns “a such rockstar after 18 years of absence! ” like says it Bérénice Ravache, director of the station. Benefitting from the passage to digital, RFI also comes out in the radiophonic landscape of Top-of-France. For Cécile Mégie, chief executive officer of RFI: “it is a formidable opportunity to usually be part of this experiment +! ».


With international, France joined the European impetus

“France Usually joined the European family of the nations +! ” said joyfully Patrick Hannon, president of WorldDab at the time of his speech. Indeed, with this launching, France makes following Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway - precursory countries in the adoption of the digital radio.

Today, 470 million people is covered by services of Usually + in the world, with more than 60 million sold receivers. According to the last annual inquiry of the observatory of the equipment of the French, 8% of the French hearths would be equipped in stations adapted to technology with Usually +.

Charmed stage celebrated by France with this launching, Patrick Hannon insists: “if the radio must remain relevant at the 21st century, it must innovate”.


Launching Usually +_1


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