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DuoDay2018: One day old trainees at the CSA

Publication date: Friday, April 27, 2018

This Thursday, April 26, Marie-Adeline Rodriguez and Antoine Dzwigaj, integrated the Council for 24 hours of discovery.  After two years of existence in the Lot-et-Garonne, it Duoday spread itself for the first time at the national level, on the initiative of Mrs. Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State charged with the handicapped People.
 The duoday? a simple concept: during one day the professional structures of all natures accommodate trainees in situation of handicap, in order to make them discover their universe.


A diary filled well

Duoday 2018 (7)

In this April 26th, not of book or course in amphitheatre for Marie-Adeline and Antoine, training one day old CSA. Leger change of scenery for these students of the CNED and the University Paris 8, which join this morning the Mirabeau Tower, in the middle of the district Javel in the 15th district. 

As of 9 a.m., the day starts on the hats of wheels whereas they are cordially accommodated by Nicolas Curien, president by interim of the CSA.

Installed in the office of the President, the exchanges mix around the missions with the Council and the imminence with the reform which will come to modify them: “The law changes because in 1986 [date of exit of the law defining the framework of the missions of the CSA] there was no Internet and the audio-visual one was very hexagonal”, explains Nicolas Curien. 

The trainees are interested then in some exceptional situations to which the CSA had to cope, questioning the Advisor on the management of the attacks. This last thus recalls that it is a question “of establishing a balance between a basic right which is the right of expression and communication and other basic rights such as the security of the people, the human dignity, nonthe encouragement with racist acts, inclusion, etc”




Immersion in the activity of the Council

The day, then launched well, continues for the trainees who follow their tutors, Géraldine Van Hille, cheffe of the department Social cohesion, and Manon Conan, mission leader in charge of the question of the women's rights, on a tour of part of the missions of the Management of the Programs of the Council.

In only a few hours, Marie-Adeline and Antoine could exchange with the teams Social cohesion and Pluralism, rights and freedoms, and even take part in official meetings.

Indeed, after having 

Duoday 2018 (25)

taken seat in room of the Council to attend the lottery relating to the electoral campaign of territorial in Polynesia, they could take part in the meeting of the Social cohesion Working group with the representatives of various TV channels, on the question of the women's rights.

“What I saw on the meeting which rained me much, it is that you discuss with the chains, and it did not have there a power struggle” declares Antoine with leaving the working group.

The trainees could also profit from a demonstration of the tools for indexing in room of the observers by Elias Semaan, observer at the department Pluralism, which presented to them the rules of calculation of the speaking time. “One does not realize of what the CSA with the daily newspaper does, by seeing all that one sees the things differently” known as Marie-Adeline for whom this experiment enters in direct echo with her BTS Communication.



Inclusion and diversity, spearheads of the CSA

Holder of the Label diversity of the French Association of Standardisation (AFNOR) since 2012, and first labeled administration “professional Equality”, the Council works daily with the promotion of the values of inclusion, equality and diversity. “All the values which are carried by the CSA into external, one tries to convey them in-house in our procedures RH, of recruitment and follow-up of the careers”, declares Gauthier Marmouget, person in charge of human resources of the CSA.

If the trainees seemed filled by their one day experiment, the teams of the CSA were also delighted by this exchange. Manon Conan, tutor, estimate that “it was very interesting for [the CSA] accommodating students to have their glance and that they see our activities of the interior”. 

The CSA encouraged the extension of the Duoday operation to the sector of the audio-visual one, whereas Mrs Sophie CLUZEL, Secretary of State charged with the handicapped People, wished to give him this year a national range.

The participation of the CSA in this edition 2018 was in the natural prolongation of its action as well as regards promotion of the diversity as of promotion of the equality: “one asks the radio operator diffusers and TV to be exemplary, one incites them to engage, therefore one must be also exemplary. ”, Albin Soares-Couto, assistant editor of the Management of the programs entrusts.


Assessment of the day

 “I had this analysis of television and of publicity but I did not know that one could make a trade of it” declares Antoine Dzwigaj at the time of assessment, “that gives me desire for returning and for even working with the CSA! ”, the young man continues.

Marie-Adeline Rodriguez as for it was happy to note that the buildings of the Council were entirely accessible to the people in wheel chair, method often at the origin of blockings at the time of recruitment in his career.

Two the one day old trainees thus leave the Mirabeau Tower in charge with information and meetings carried out throughout the day, with a new vision of the regulation of audio-visual French!


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