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Education with the media: the CSA with the meeting of the actors of the civil company

Publication date: Friday, May 18, 2018

To move in the schools, to exchange with students, to take part in the jurys of competition youth or to train personnel of national Education, as many actions conducted by Mémona Hintermann-Afféjee and teams of the CSA as regards education to the media. Concerned to be held with nearest as of initiatives of the civil society in this field, the advisor and the teams of the department Social cohesion received this Tuesday, May 15, 2018 four carriers of driving projects in order to consider new partnerships at their sides.


Projects placing the young people as actors of their education to the media


“You have things to propose and the energy of people who are on the ground”, Mémona Hintermann-Afféjee affirmed after the presentations of the four new partners present in the buildings of the CSA this Tuesday.

Opening the ball of the presentations, Simon Denis, in charge of project to the Driving Project! explained that the goal of association is “to start the desire in the young people for putting itself in action, by meeting people inspiring”. By the means of its workshops of orientation and its annual competition, association requires of the young people to introduce in video format a member of their entourage which inspires them. Mémona Hinterman-Afféjee, member of the jury of Driving Competition! has a few days later accompanied the ten award-winnings by the edition 2018 in Cannes and assembled the steps with them.

It was then with the turn of Claudine Schellino-Dadoun to take the floor. Member of the Observatory of the media and the education of the CSA, it was this time present in his capacity as president of Banyan association, at the origin of the National Day of the Young people. The purpose of this day is to bring closer the young people and the actors to professional environment in order to create meetings, opportunities and to cause vocations. “Too often partitioned, restricted with a precise perimeter, the young people ignore these devices and these opportunities” explains Claudine Schellino-Dadoun.  The new project of digital platform of Banyan association wishes to create an additional link between the young people, the teachers and the professionals.

“To call on young people reporters French-speaking video makers of the whole world on their grounds”, such is the project carried by Claire Leproust with the High Speakers. In partnership with France 5, this production company incorporates the reports of young French-speaking people of the treating whole world of various and varied subjects.  “The turning of education to the media passes by the practice” declared Jean-Christophe Levassor, director of the arts centre of Roubaix the Public Condition. Thus the High Speakers connected the Public Condition, arts centre of Roubaix andthe School Superior of Journalism of Lille around a project of report produced in binomial by young people of the center and apprentices journalists of the ESJ.

Lastly, with the Toukouleur project, François Dupont, person in charge of the pole media, explain that it is “by making production which the young people take of the retreat on the fake news ”. It is thus by the angle of know-how that Toukouleur wished to act on the question of education to the media. For six years, pupils have learned the various stages from creation of a newspaper until being responsible for all the production of the JTKL. Toukoulor goes even further with his Words project of pupils, in partnership with France Televisions, and his event of formation, the 4 Lab of the media and the digital one.

Actors of the civil society in request


The law of September 30th, 1986 relating to the freedom of communication stipulates that the conventions concluded between the Council and the editors relate in particular to “the contribution to cultural activities, educational and of defense of the consumers”. The CSA is thus very attentive with the questions of education to the media. It created in 2014 an Observatory “Education & Media” in order to enrich, under a participative angle, the works already undertaken by Audio-visual working group the “and education”. In addition, he regularly arranges meetings with pupils and students around these problems.

This year, various actors of the civil society (associations, production companies…) working with education with the media and information contacted Mémona Hintermann-Afféjee in its capacity as president of the Social cohesion working group, and the services of the Council, with an aim of joining around joint projects.

Wishing to support and take part in the initiatives of ground carried out by the civil society, the members of the Council analyzed these proposals and accommodated them with enthusiasm.  A partnership agreement with associations “ Toukouleur ”, “ Banyan ” (national Day of the young people), the Driving Project! and the production company “ the High speakers ” was thus established.


Promising partnerships

A partnership with the CSA can take several forms and cause various projects. Associations present wish above all to profit from the support of an actor referent in the field as of media. Relate of entry to the professional audio-visual universe, the support of the CSA makes it possible to increase the legitimacy of these projects and to ensure a greater visibility near the actors of the sector and general public to them. There for the Council it is a question of developing solid actions, carried by committed actors and of accompanying them in their adventure to enable them to grow and to develop.

With leaving these profitable exchanges, Albin Soares-Couto, assistant editor of the Management of the programs, stressed that the presentations had made it possible to discover very rich programs “, extremely complementary, varied and of high quality” thus opening up the way for joint projects of most promising.