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In Rhône-Alpes and in its periphery, 6 new chains on the DVB

Publication date: Monday, April 4, 2016

In the night of April 4th, 2016, digital terrestrial television (DVB) passed in high definition ! You profit from now on from a quality of image and sound improved.

Rhône-Alpes operation

In addition to the national operation of passage to the DVB in HD, the Rhône-Alpes region benefits as from the Tuesday, April 5 from the end from the deployment from the chains from the DVB.

Because of the volume of technical operations in the area, a delay in the reception of these 6 new chains (HD1, L'Equipe 21,6Ter, Number 23, RMC Discovered and Dear 25) is possible until April 20th.

Carry out one or more searchs for chains then to profit from it until April 20th, 2016!

My Cover DVB


To have more details on the operations in progress close to on your premise, you can consult the application My Cover DVB

Thanks to this tool, you will know:
 - which local channels and main roads you receive
 - so operations of refitting of frequencies concern you
 - if you must make a research of the chains

Do you have a question?

Contact the National agency of frequencies (ANFR) to the 0970 818,818 (call not surtaxed).

DVB HD April 5th that to make

The situation at April 12th, 2016

Find below the estimated calendar of the sites remaining to light. In these sectors, it is necessary to make a new research of the chains once the finished operations.


Site Dpt Region Date of deployment envisaged
BRAMANS 73 The Alps 20/04/16
DOUCY-EN-BAUGES 73 The Alps 18/04/16
SCHOOL 73 The Alps 18/04/16
HERMILLON 73 The Alps 20/04/16
THE CHAPELLE-EN-VERCORS 1 26 Rhône-Alpes 20/04/16
THE CHEYLARD 1 7 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
THE CHEYLARD 2 7 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
THE CHEYLARD 3 7 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
MERCURY 73 The Alps 18/04/16
MONTELIMAR 26 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
RIVE-DE-GIER 2 42 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
ST-CHRISTOL 1 7 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
ST-ETIENNE-DE-CUINES 73 The Alps 20/04/16
ST-GERMAIN-DE-JOUX 1 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
ST-JEAN-D' ARVES 1 73 The Alps 20/04/16
ST-JEAN-DE-CHEVELU 73 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
ST-JEAN-DE-MAURIENNE 73 The Alps 20/04/16
ST-MARCEL-LES-ANNONAY 7 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
ST-MARTIAL 7 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16
VILLARS 42 Rhône-Alpes 18/04/16


Consult pages Internet below more on the passage of the DVB with the HD