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The DVB in high definition everywhere in metropolis

Publication date: Monday, April 4, 2016

The DVB passes to the HD_CSA

In the night of April 4th, digital terrestrial television (DVB) changed standard of diffusion (MPEG 2 with the MPEG 4) and generalized the high definition. This technical evolution offers a better quality ofimage and sound. It also makes it possible to double the number of chains available in HD (free and paying): the near total of the chains rock in HD.


During a few hours in the night of April 4th, the diffusion of the chains stopped through all the Metropolitan France, time to proceed to the technical operations necessary. 

Technical operations from April 4th to April 5th _DVB HD

Which televiewers are concerned? 

Antenna rake

All the televiewers who receive, on at least one their television sets, chains of the DVB by the antenna rake (collective or individual) or by the service antenna of the cable.



reception DVB by ADSL boxing or fibre

The televiewers who look at television thanks to Lhas box of an Internet access provider (ADSL or fibre) do not have anything to make. Their operator deals with all and will communicate the approach to be followed if necessary.



reception by parabola and câble©Fotolia

The televiewers subscribed with a television offer by satellite (parabola) or cable are accompanied by their distributor. For those which receive television free via a bouquet like DVB SAT or FRANSAT, the passage to whole HD was already possible before April 5th, subject having a compatible receiver; this passage will be obligatory starting from April 25th. These televiewers must approach their operator more.

What risks the televiewers if they do not do anything? 

  • If the televisual installation is not compatible with the HD, the televiewers find themselves vis-a-vis a black screen. If it is the case, it is enough to buy a compatible adapter DVB “DVB HD” (starting from 25-30 €) in an approved dealer (list available on the site), to connect the cable antenna and to connect it there to its television set. Once the connected adapter, launch a research of the chains using the remote control of television or the adapter.
  • If the televiewer does not launch a research of the chains at the end of the morning this Tuesday, it does not find all the chains of the DVB. 

Several research of the chains necessary in certain areas

Certain televiewers of Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes and their peripheries will have to perhaps carry out an additional research of the chains if they are in a zone where the technical operations continue during a few days. (Consult the page on the area Ile-de-France and its periphery and on the Rhône-Alpes region and its periphery)

Consult pages Internet below more on the passage of the DVB with the HD