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Regulation of digital in the middle of the Franco-German discussion

Publication date: Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Future of the audio-visual regulation in the UE in the middle of maintenance between Olivier Schrameck, president of the CSA, and his German counterpart, Siegfried Schneider, President of the DLM, and Tobias Schmid, Police chief with the European business of the DLM

On September 28th, 2017 the President of the CSA Olivier Schrameck received at the CSA his German counterpart, Siegfried Schneider *, President of the DLM (body of supervision of the German authorities of regulation of Länder), and Tobias Schmid *, police chief with the European business of the DLM.

Mr. Schneider and Mr. Schmid, of the DLM

Mr. Schneider and Mr. Schmid, of the DLM

They discussed on the future the regulation the audio-visual mediums in the European Union in link with the recent developments on the project of revision the directive Services audio-visual mediums of March 10th, 2010, the role of the ERGA (platform of co-operation of the regulatory authorities of the European Union), as well as the bilateral cooperation between the two regulators in this field.

The double specificity of the German audio-visual regulation

Germany implements a specific framework of regulation of the audio-visual mediums marked by:

  • Duality between private public mediums and media : the German public audio-visual mediums (ARD, ZDF, radio operator Deutschland) are not controlled by independent public authorities but by their own internal bodies. The “ Rundfunkrat ” or “the Councils of TV/broadcasting” is charged to represent the interests of the community and counts representatives of trade unions, denominational communities, ecology movements as well as political power, the latter not being able to exceed a third of the members.
  • The competence of Länder : legislation and regulation of the audio-visual mediums are a responsibility allocate in Germany to the federated States, Länder. 14 authorities on the whole on the whole (Germany counts 16 Länder but twice two authorities exert their joint competences) exert each one this role for its geographical spring of competence. However, a treaty interetatic signed in 1991 between the executives of these States, gives common rules to these authorities for the questions which exceed the framework of competence of only one Land. Commissions associating the regional authorities are charged to make apply this treaty, each one for a set of themes field of regulation : protection of the minors, authorization of the audio-visual services, etc the DLM, conference of the directors of the regional authorities of regulation, exerts a role of supervision between these commissions to ensure the good interetatic application of the treaty. It also ensures the representation of the regulation of the German media abroad.

Germany counts several of most important European diffusers the, as well on the side of public mediums (ARD, ZDF) as private media (chains of the group RTL, ProSiebenSat.1).

In 2016, the best audience of fiction of all Europe was carried out by an episode of Tatort, detective series (or “ Krimi ”) German created in 1970, which gathered on the chain Das Erste (ARD) not less than 13.3 million televiewers.


*M. Schneider is also directing regulatory authority of Bavaria (BLM) and Mr. Schmid of that of the Rhineland of North-Westphalia.


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