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On March 20th the audio-visual mediums are mobilized for the French language

Publication date: Monday, March 19, 2018


Karine Tuil and Joann Sfar _March 20th

The Day of the French language in the audio-visual media was initiated by the CSA in 2015 and lies within the scope of the Week of the French language and Francophonie. The audio-visual mediums are mobilized thus in favour of French on Tuesday, March 20!


Karine Tuil and Joann Sfar, godmother and godfather of the edition 2018

This year the event is sponsored by two actors of the French-speaking literary world: the novelist Karine Tuil and Joann Sfar, strip cartoonist.

Both were mobilized to promote use of the French language in the media at the time of this 4th edition.

For Karine Tuil, this day is “the occasion to develop this language (…) thus to transmit this love of the words, this love of the language and in particular in the media because the media are essential vectors of this transmission. ».

Whereas the CSA places the French language like challenge of social cohesion, Joann Sfar stresses that according to him in the current company, “of the linguistic answers could alleviate everyone and give formidable keys in particular for our youth. ».


Media: principal actors of the French-speaking scene

Through their programmings, the media are true ambassadors of the French language. Their role is essential in the valorization of its use.

After the success of the back issues, the Council thus reiterates this day of mobilization, by encouraging the special programmings of the TV channels and metropolitan and ultramarine radios.

Revive the launching of the 4th edition of the Day of the French language in the audio-visual mediums:


Find the programming of the TV channels and radios for the day of March 20th: