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The CSA with UNO for the equality woman/man in the media

Publication date: Friday, March 16, 2018


Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette presented yesterday, March 15th, 2018, in New York the action of the Network of the Mediterranean institutions of regulation (RIRM) as regards equality between the women and the men within the framework of the Commission of the condition of the woman of the United Nations (CSW). The networks of audio-visual regulators invited to improve the equality between the women and the men in and through the media.


A Joint Declaration to reinforce the place of the women in the audio-visual one

To feminize the audio-visual one to promote the equality of the kinds: such is the ambition carried by the networks of audio-visual regulators joined together by the HACA, the Moroccan authority, within the framework of the 62E session of the CSW. The Mediterranean networks (of the RIRM), African (of the RIARC and the Platform of the regulators of the UEMOA), French-speaking people (of the REFRAM) and ibéro-American (of the PRAI) diffused on this occasion a Joint Declaration calling:

 - to concretize the equality enters the women and the men and through the media;

 - to make audio-visual major tool of the fight against the stereotypes of kind and the sexism;

 - to guarantee a balanced representation of the women and men at the stations - keys of this sector.


Consult the declaration of the networks of regulators

Consult the document of presentation of the event of the regulating English networks

The CSW: a major organization in the action for the equality of the sexes

The CSW is a commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and constituele principal intergovernmental body dedicated to the promotion of the equality of the sexes and empowerment of the women. It measures in particular the made progress and the variations to be filled in the implementation of the Declaration and the Action programme of Beijing of 1995.

For the session of this year, the CSW retained like topic of work “ the participation and the access of the women to the media and communication and information technologies (TIC), the incidences of those and their interest for the promotion and the empowerment of the women”.

Discover the CSW


Women's rights, a strong commitment of the CSA

The CSA created in 2013 a working group, chaired by Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, devoted to the women's rights. Since the law of August 4th, 2014 on the real equality between the women and the men, the CSA gives an account each year of the place of the women to the screen and on the waves thanks to the qualitative and quantitative indicators which the chains of televisions and radios transmit to him.

On television consult the report 2017 on the representation of the women and with the radio

The law of 2017 entrusted to the Council the mission of fighting against the sexism in publicity. One year after, the CSA published a report on the image of the women in televised publicity.

This very first quantified diagnosis was translated, by March 6th, 2018, by the signature of a charter of voluntary commitments for the fight against the stereotypes sexual, sexists and sexués in publicity, associating the UDA, the AACC, the ARPP and the CSA.