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The RIRM is mobilized for social cohesion at the era of the digital one

Publication date: Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The delegation of the RIRM to Marseilles, November 2017 ©franck_crispin

In Marseilles, the members of the RIRM adopted mid-November 2017 the declaration “ For a regulation renovated in the digital environment ”. This one aims so that the audio-visual one, in the digital environment in particular, integrates well the principles of social cohesion such as the equality woman-men, the non-discrimination, education with the media.

To keep the course of a regulation to the service of social cohesion

After two days of dialogue in the city from Marseilles, the 191 authorities of the RIRM present adopted the Declaration of Marseilles on November 17th, 2017. That it is traditional or digital, the audio-visual sector must answer the democratic requirements and of social cohesion such as the equality between the women and the men, the fight against discriminations, the promotion of diversity or a balanced media treatment of the crisis situations. However the use of algorithms can impact the respect of cultural diversity or pluralism; the multitude of the actors, of the access modes to the audio-visual contents, the transborder circulation of the services and the data hustle the information of the citizens or the formation of the public opinions. 

The RIRM identified in its Declaration four actions to be carried out consequently:

  • to integrate the new digital services into a modernized regulation,
  • to strengthen the co-operation within the RIRM and into bilateral, in particular on the practices related to the digital one,
  • to look further into work on the necessary evolution of the audio-visual regulation, in particular around Co and of self-regulation ;
  • to accompany the public authorities and the regional organizations and international on the challenges by audio-visual at the digital age.

The CSA with the presidency of the RIRM in 2018

This 19th plenary assembly entrusted to the CSA the annual presidency of the RIRM for 2018. With the opening of the meeting, Mr. Olivier Schrameck took over Josep Maria Guinart I Sola, member of the Spanish CNMC. At the era of digital, the regulation “ will have to take place more and more, beyond the States, in regional spaces and international ” such as the RIRM, underlined on this occasion Mr. Schrameck. “ The networks and the media are the new roads and the natural crossroads of the ideas and the exchanges. Our respective public authorities instructed us to protect them and to develop them so that information and creations and with them circulate freely there, the tolerance and peace “, he recalled. From this point of view, the president of the CSA raises in particular three axes of work: to instigate the radiation of this Mediterranean network, to instigate its influence and to continue its widening.

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1 Attending members at the 19th plenary assembly of the RIRM: the CRA of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the CRTA of Cyprus, the AEM of Croatia, the CAA of Andalusia, Spain, the CAC of Catalonia, Spain, the CNMC of Spain, the CSA of France, the GRA of Gibraltar, the NCRTV of Greece, the CCSB of Israel, the IMC of Kosovo, the CNA of Lebanon, the BA of Malta, the HACA of Morocco, the CCA of Moldova, the ERC of Portugal, the AVMU of Republic of Macedonia, the REM de Serbie and the RTÜK of Turkey. Eleven of them were represented by their president. The INA and the CMCA were invited like observers.