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The female sport with the honor of the 7th world Day of the Radio

Publication date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This Tuesday, February 13 marks the 7th world Day of the Radio. This year, the event initiated by UNESCO celebrates the radio as an actor sociétal. The emphasis is placed on its role for the equality of the kinds in the sport – subject which has been in the middle of the concerns of the CSA for several years.

Female sport on the waves in 2018

This new edition of the world Day of Radio has as a subject the radio and the sport through several angles. UNESCO in particular launched the campaign “ Her MATER moments ” to sensitize on the treatment differences media of the female and male sports. The mediatization of the female sport, one of the major files of the CSA, joined this topic and is based on the strong implication of the French radios. The operation “ Sport female always of the last February 10th and 11th in is an example.

Installation for 4 years by the CSA, initially under the name of “4 seasons of the female sport”, and carried this year by the Ministry for the sports, this operation has encouraged radios and televisions to diffuse more female competitions and to feminize their antenna when they treat sport. This operation allowed a rise of the mediatization of the female sports. At the time of edition 2018 of female Sport always, about fifty radios diffused competitions, reports or other programs in keeping with the female sport.


France accelerates the deployment of Usually +

Per hour when much country already adopted Usually +, the year 2018 is strategic for the few 1,000 French radios, with the booster given to Usually + (radio digital terrestrial). The CSA fixed himself like objective to strongly accelerate the deployment of Usually + starting from 2018, by increasing the rhythm of his calls to the candidatures and by covering from now on in priority the large basins of population and the major roads. Nicolas Curien, advisor and Radio operator chairman of the working party at the CSA, exposed this strategy at the time of the Living room of Radio operator the 2018. This event was also the occasion for the president of the CSA, Olivier Schrameck, to point out the commitment of the Council in the development of the French digital radiophonic network: “ The watchword of the CSA is clear: “to usually make quickly and viable” while deploying initially + on the large basins of life and the main axes of road displacement. »

The use of Usually + offer to the listeners a sound of better quality, a better continuity of listening of mobility, new stations and the access to numerical data associated as the title with the listened pieces, weather cards or of the useful addresses.

Look at it video on the CSA with the living room of radio operator the 2018