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Publicity of the financial products riskiest: the CSA and the MFA recall to the professionals of the media the rules in the matter.

Publication date: Thursday, July 12, 2018


The fight of the Authority of Financial markets (MFA) against the toxic products, such as the binary options and CFD* for strong action leverage bound for the general public, knew a major advance thanks to the law Fir tree 2 which envisages a device of prohibition of publicity. The CSA and the MFA made a point of recalling the actors of television and radio operator the applicable framework, in particular as regards sporting sponsorship. 


The CSA and the MFA publish a joint communication for submission to the editors of services of audio-visual communication concerning the prohibition of diffusion, by the service providers of investment, advertisements in favour of certain very risky contracts and the prohibition of sponsorship having for object or effect publicity for these contracts.

The two authorities require of the TV channels to be particularly vigilant not to support the visualization of brands of service providers of investment, likely to be comparable with an indirect publicity in favour of these contracts, at the time of the retransmissions of sporting events, in particular of football. 

*CFD : The CFD (“contracts for the difference”) are financial products which make it possible to bet on the variations upwards or downwards of a “subjacent credit” without never holding it.