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RNT & DVB of tomorrow: take part in our public consultation

Publication date: Monday, September 18, 2017

Which terrestrial digital radio and which DVB do we want tomorrow? To work out a terrestrial digital radio and a platform DVB more in possible adequacy with waitings of the professionals and the listeners, SCUMS launched last July two great public consultations out of these two building sites. Discover them in videos.   

Nicolas Curien: “To make pass the RNT of virtuality to reality”

Paris and Marseilles benefit from now on from the RNT. It will be very soon also the case of Nice. While at the same time a new phase of development of the terrestrial digital Radio was launched to Lille, Strasbourg and Lyon, the CSA intends to pass at the higher speed by 2018-2020. So that this new radio experiment is a success, the CSA wishes the implication of all, professional and listeners. It is the direction of the great public consultation launched last July, as Nicolas Curien, Advisor of the CSA and chairman of the working party explains it on the radio, in the video below.


Public consultation on the acceleration of the deployment of the RNT


Which DVB for tomorrow?

More than 10 years after its launching, platform DVB, thanks to the recent technological changes, can offer a still enriched experiment. The public consultation launched by the CSA aims at collaborating with the professionals and general public to identify the expected improvements. Agathe Puget and Thomas Hoarau, of the Management of the televisual Media, explain the objective of this consultation launched last July. 


Public consultation on the future of platform DVB