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Annual report 2016 of the CSA: hearing of president Olivier Schrameck by the Commissions of the cultural affairs of the Senate and the National Assembly

Publication date: Monday, July 31, 2017


Olivier Schrameck, the president of the CSA, was auditioned, on July 25th, by the Commission of the cultural affairs of the French National Assembly, after having met, on July 18th, that of the Senate.

The president of the CSA could present the assessment 2016 of the activity of the authority of regulation, and answer the questions of the deputies and the senators about the broad topics of news of the sector of the audio-visual one.

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Verbatim – Extracts

O. Schrameck: “We plead for an apprehension of all the audio-visual services, whatever the distribution support” #DirectAN

O. Schrameck: “The treatment of the complaints is long because we opened the contradictory proceeding, which did not exist before

O. Schrameck: “The freedom of communication must be able to be exerted by preserving the rights of others” #DirectAN #AfCultAn

O. Schrameck: “We must take care that the programs do not encourage with discrimination” #DirectAN #AfCultAn

O. Schrameck: “We are not tempted to exert a police of the spirit and remain always careful” #DirectAN #AfCultAn

O. Schrameck: “Concerning the copyrights, our competences would require to be clarified” #DirectAN #AfCultAn

O. Schrameck: “The confidence of the public results in the 38,000 descriptions of the year 2016. This figure will be at least doubled this year

O. Schrameck: “By his independence and his impartiality, the CSA inspires always more and best confidence” #DirectAN #AfCultAn

O. Schrameck: “The fundamental question of a regulation adapted to the digital age was not asked yet” #DirectAN #AfCultAn

O. Schrameck: “The law of 1986 was amended 83 times, including 14 at the time of the previous legislature” #DirectAN #AfCultAn

O. Schrameck: “I attach great significance to the role of influence of the CSA at international level“#ERGA #RIRM”

O. Schrameck: “As of my arrival I wanted to create a working group on education with the media and by the media” #EducMédiasInfo #AfCultAn