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Six weeks to sensitize with descriptive youth

Publication date: Wednesday, November 29, 2017

poster of the countryside Vis-a-vis the screens let us be vigilant

Since November 20th, 2017, televisions and radios are mobilized like each year to alert on the danger to let a child see contents unsuited to its age. They will diffuse during the 6 next weeks two films and a radio operator spot recalling the role of descriptive affixed to the programs. 


For the CSA, televisions and the SMAD (services of television of correction and vidéos to the request), on November 20th - date birthday of the International Convention of the Rights of the Child - is each year the starting point of a public awareness campaign to descriptive youth. Coordinated by the advisor Carole Bienaimé-Besse and the working group of the CSA “Protection of youth”, this one will last 6 weeks, until the end of the year 2017. Weeks during which two films of alarm on the images shocking for the minors will be diffused. Many radios are also mobilized , on the basis of voluntariate , by diffusing a message on their antennas, in echo of the televisual countryside.

The slogan of these spots: “ Vis-a-vis the screens, let us be vigilant ” recalls that all the programs are not adapted to the young public. “ The violent images, one must avoid them, if not it is necessary to speak about it ” and “ the shocking images, one must avoid them, if not it is necessary to speak about it ” supplements the message and invites to the dialogue with young people on the shocking images which they could have seen.





This countryside is pressed on the tool set up 15 years ago by the CSA: pictograms -10,-12,-16,-18. This descriptive states to you that can look at or not a child according to his age and of criteria such as physical violence or psychological, or the evocation of sexuality. Except exception, the announced programs -12 years can be diffused onlyafter 22:00. Those disadvised to the -16 years can the being onlyafter 22:30. Programs disadvised with - 18 years are diffusables on specific chains and under conditions.

The affixing of these pictograms corresponds to a daily work of the chains and the CSA. The first are held to set up a commission of watching which determines the descriptive one allotted to each diffused program. If he considers that the rules of protection of the young public were not complied with, the CSA intervenes to ask for the modification of the descriptive one. Thus, since the beginning of the year 2017, a film, two telefilms, two magazines and a documentary were the object of an intervention of the CSA near the chains concerned, at whom it asked to modify the descriptive one in the event of repeat broadcast.

A forum to answer your questions

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Since 2012, a forum was set up on the site Protection of the young public. Opened for the period of diffusion of the television commercials and radio, it offers two distinct spaces to you :

  • one for the parents,
  • the other for the young people.

This site places at your disposal of the advices to become an active and vigilant televiewer compared to what a child looks at. You will find the explanation of the various pictograms there, of the advices over the time which a child can spend in front of a screen or the type of intended programs to youth. Do not hesitate to consult it and use it!


The site Protection of the young public

The topic devoted to descriptive youth