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Zagreb received the ninth plenary assembly of the ERGA

Publication date: Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The sub-groups of the ERGA presented their work program for 2018 during the ninth full session of the ERGA of March 23rd, 2018, in Zagreb. The CSA thus could propose the actions which he intends to conduct, in collaboration with the whole of the members of the European network, within the framework of its presidency of sub-group on Directive SMA.

March 23rd, 2018 place had, in Zagreb, the ninth assembly plenary of the group of the European regulators of the services of audio-visual mediums (ERGA), currently chaired by Damir Hajduk, the president of the Croatian regulator (AEM). It brought together the representatives of the national regulators of the European Union, the observant members, the EPRA and the European Commission.

Mariya Gabriel, vigilant on the coherence of the audio-visual regulation

The police chief European with digital, Mariya Gabriel, exposed the importance of the coherence of the regulation to the centre, in particular, of the European Union. She placed the emphasis on the revision of the directive “Services of audio-visual mediums” (SMA), the phenomenon of the misinformation online and the representation of the women in the media, while stressing the importance of the assistance of the regulators on these subjects.

The meeting was also the occasion for the members to discuss the specifications of the sub-groups of the ERGA which defines the action of the latter for the year 2018.

Three work axes retained on directive SMA

As a President of a sub-group on the revision of directive SMA, the CSA presented the activities envisaged this year by this sub-group. This work of the CSA is done in close cooperation with its German and Italian counterparts. The whole of the members of this sub-group already started to reflect on the three axes which had been retained:

  • the integration of new actors in the field of application of the directive;
  • the realization of the objectives of cultural diversity within the framework of the new directive;
  • the questions of jurisdiction ratione loci which will be more particularly controlled by the CSA.

The activities of the three other sub-groups relative to auto- and the Co-regulation, external pluralism and intern of the media, and exchanges it good practices also were the subject of debate between the members of the ERGA.

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