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Olympic and paralympic Games Paris 2024 - Challenges and opportunities for the sector of the audio-visual one

Publication date: Monday, February 12, 2018

This note aims to document the challenges relating to the media exposure of the Olympic and paralympic Games of Paris in 2024 and to identify the economic appropriatenesses of the behaviour of these Games in France for the French audio-visual mediums.

It aims at clarifying the central role of the audio-visual mediums in the accompaniment of the sporting policies, in particular public health social cohesion. The latter play a role to play through the exposure of the sporting events, at the time of the Games but also at the time of the appointments international or national of each Olympic and paralympic discipline upstream of the event.

The digital platforms are also an asset for the radiation of the event, in particular because they make it possible to touch the young public, among whom the French champions of tomorrow are. Consequence of their appearance as new actors in the exposure of the sporting contents, raises the question of their positioning about the market of the acquisition of the sporting rights.

The choice of the International Olympic committee (CIO), on September 13th, 2017, to indicate Paris to accommodate the Olympic and paralympic Games of 2024 appears for the Council like an opportunity for the six years and half has reinforced the economic links between the sporting world and the audio-visual sector and has just encouraged the media to expose the sport in all the diversity of its disciplines and its practices.

This note more particularly studies the Olympic and paralympic Games of summer, without leaving side for as much the challenges of the exposure of the Olympic disciplines of winter. Throughout the text, the terminology “Games” includes at the same time the “Olympic Games” and the “Games paralympic”.