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New advertising territories: which challenges for television?

Publication date: Friday, November 4, 2016

In 2013 and 2015, the Superior council of audio-visual published two studies on the phenomenon of social television (emergence and assessment at two years), which in particular emphasized the need for better understanding the new advertising ecosystem related on the convergence of the supports and the rise to power of the video format.

In 2016, in a context marked by an evolution increasingly faster of the uses of linear towards the non-linear one, the rise to power of new transnational actors and the recombining of the French audio-visual universe, the Council wished to initiate a study intended for better understanding the great evolutions of the chain of advertising value under the effect of digital and by là-même its consequences for the audio-visual sector.

The approach put in work for this study consisted in taking into account the point of view of each actor interested in this chain of value: advertisers, agencies, supports and consumers. It is based on elements of document retrieval and the remarks received from several professionals of this sector. The talks were carried out between the months of April and June 2016.

Lastly, this study fits in a national calendar marked by:

  • next adoption of the decree on enforcement of a law of the law of August 2015 for the growth, the activity and the economic equal opportunity come to modernize the provisions carrying on publicity of the law known as “Fir tree” from 1993;
  • the opening of a sectoral investigation by the Authority of competition relating to the conditions of operating of the data in the sector of the online ad, which will comprise in particular a public consultation aiming at nourishing the opinion that it will return during the year 2017 on this subject;
  • the publication with the autumn of the results of the audit leads for the UDA on the perimeters of publicity expenses and the study conducted jointly by the UDA, the AACC and the UDECAM9 on the measurement of the weight of the communication in the GDP;
  • traditional publication mid-October of the General terms of Sales of the televisual advertising agencies, including their offers on Internet.

You can consult below the study and its synthesis, or download them in framed “the Resources”.