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Platforms and access to the audio-visual contents

Publication date: Friday, September 23, 2016

The Superior council of audio-visual publishes a study on the place of the digital platforms in the access to the audio-visual contents, their economic model and the challenges for the audio-visual sector. 

In an environment marked by the multiplication of the supports and the offers of audio-visual contents, the digital platforms, intermediaries between the user and the contents, play an increasingly important part in the audio-visual sector. They became impossible to circumvent in the diffusion and the promotion of audio-visual contents, because of the audience which they are able to gather. This central role, and the power of market which results from this, take their source in the combination of the economic characteristics of the platforms and specificities of the digital economy. 

Work of the Council was in particular based on a cycle of hearings and discussions with the actors of the audio-visual sector, of digital, publicity and the experts in right and economy, and consisted in wondering about four great questions: which place occupy today the platforms in the access to the audio-visual contents? Which place occupy the audio-visual contents in the economic model of the platforms? How the services of audio-visual mediums did adapt to this new environment? Which are the challenges in terms of exposure and monetization of the contents?

At the conclusion of its reflections, the Council identifies ten challenges for the regulation of the audio-visual sector.

You can consult the study below, and also to download it with format pdf in French version and English version (see framed “Resources”).