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Future of the audio-visual one: to build the best

Publication date: Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The digital revolution and the major transformations of the audio-visual sector call into question the principal economic equilibrium.

In this fourth study, in order to imagine the future of audio-visual, with the will to build the best, the CSA lab joined together during one year, about forty contributors with varied competences. This exercise of futurology aims at identifying the choices of public policy, by identifying the levers of actions possible, in two economic dimensions and social of the audio-visual regulation.

Three scenarios were considered. The scenario of continuity, that of a simple projection of the state present in a new techno-social environment; the scenario of fracture, that of the digital inequalities and the loss of identity of the audio-visual one; the scenario of symbiosis, that of the successful insertion of the audio-visual sector in the digital universe.